5 reasons associations should attend the 2024 Salesforce World Tour in Washington DC

You already know the 2024 Salesforce World Tour is a can’t-miss event for your association. Our Nimble AMS team is so excited to see you at the Salesforce event in DC. “I’m delighted to have the opportunity to represent Nimble AMS at this year’s Salesforce World Tour DC,” said Howard Pollock, Nimble AMS Director of Sales.

“Nimble AMS has partnered with Salesforce for over a decade because Salesforce shares the Nimble AMS values of customer service, innovation, and philanthropy. We are proud of our longstanding partnership with Salesforce and the many benefits Nimble AMS offers associations, member-based organizations, and non-profits,” said Jeff Golembiewski, Community Brands VP of Business Solutions and Partnerships.

The Salesforce World Tour is a great opportunity for your association to learn, network, and innovate with other association professionals. Our Nimble AMS team has years of experience in meeting the needs of associations with our innovative software—Nimble AMS, built on Salesforce. “I’ve been building association-focused products for over 20 years and the past 13 on Salesforce, and I love talking to associations about how the powerful combo of Nimble AMS + Salesforce platform can transform their organization.” said Matt Rist, Nimble AMS VP of Product Management. “It’s eye opening what’s possible when you have the right technology at your fingertips. I’m looking forward to the 2024 Salesforce World Tour in DC to talk more about it with association professionals.”

If that didn’t convince you to attend the Salesforce World Tour in DC, read our five top reasons your association shouldn’t miss the event.

Why your association shouldn’t miss the 2024 Salesforce World Tour

Has your association registered for the 2024 Salesforce World Tour in DC, yet? If not, you really should—the event is completely free for all attendees, and you can register now.

Still not convinced? Here are five more reasons you should register for the 2024 Salesforce World Tour in DC:

1. Monumental learning opportunities

The Salesforce event will feature over 80 sessions, workshops, and product demos. Our team is especially excited to attend the keynote events to hear from Salesforce leaders and learn how organizations in every industry can drive mission success especially in areas like Artificial Intelligence (AI).

2. Something for everyone at your association

The 2024 Salesforce World Tour event is perfect for all leaders in your organization. There are sessions geared towards executives, leaders in IT, communications, and membership, so make sure you invite your entire team!

3. Learn the latest Salesforce updates

When you attend this Salesforce event, discover firsthand new developments in mobile applications, analytics, marketing automation, AI and online communities. You’ll feel empowered to engage your members in exciting new ways and streamline organizational processes, saving your staff tons of time.

4. Experience innovative technology

See for yourself how Nimble AMS works for your association, driving your mission and goals and enhancing the staff and member experience. When you attend the 2024 World Tour in DC you can catch a glimpse of Nimble AMS in action and chat with our team to learn how our technology can empower your association.

5. You’ll have a fantastic time

The Salesforce World Tour event was described by one of our staff as “the single best day of my professional career.” Salesforce always knows how to put on a great event. Your association will not regret coming to DC, networking with other association professionals, and meeting our Nimble AMS team!

Learn more about the power of Salesforce and Nimble AMS

Watch sessions from the Salesforce World Tour in Washington DC to learn how the #1 AI CRM can help your productivity, customer experiences, and results take an AI-powered leap.

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