How Associations Can Improve The Member Experience Through Technology

Three technology innovations associations should embrace for a better member experience.

How can your association deliver the experience your members have come to expect? Turn to technology innovation.

One of the key findings from Salesforce’s second edition of the State of the Connected Customer report, points to the importance of innovation. The study found that 59 percent of consumers say companies need cutting edge digital experiences to keep their business.

As a member-based organization, how can your association go about embracing innovation? And how does innovation translate into delivering a better customer (member) experience?

Enterprise cloud platform technologies have transformed the association management software (AMS) landscape. Associations can now move beyond the AMS limitations of yesterday to leverage modern technological innovation. Today’s associations have access to capabilities and features that once were available only to Fortune 500 companies – including advanced constituent relationship management, artificial intelligence, and reliable data security – on top of world-class AMS features.

Associations can now move beyond the AMS limitations of yesterday to leverage modern technological innovation.

Here are examples of three key technology innovations and how they can help your association transform the member experience:

A modern AMS built on a modern CRM platform – In a report about constituent relationship management (CRM) software, the research firm Forrester noted that the value of CRM has shifted toward helping organizations better support customers in their engagement journeys to bring about satisfaction and long-term loyalty. That’s why Nimble AMS is built on the Salesforce CRM platform. It serves as the foundation for a modern AMS that puts the member at the heart of an association’s activities. In fact, Forrester’s report names Salesforce as a leader in CRM, largely because it “puts the customer at the center of its vision.”

With a CRM platform like Salesforce, associations can use data strategically to impact member outcomes. Using business intelligence tools, they can draw on their huge volumes of data to pinpoint optimal pricing, products, content, and engagement for a very personalized member experience.

Artificial intelligence (AI) – Leading companies like Netflix and Amazon use AI to connect with consumers. They provide highly-personalized experiences that we’ve all come to expect. As for-profit companies provide these increasingly personalized experiences using AI, your members will expect the same in more areas of their lives – including their experience with your association.

Getting started with AI may seem daunting for associations, but it’s actually well within reach. Using Salesforce platform-based Nimble AMS, which leverages the Salesforce Einstein AI technology, associations can become smarter, more predictive, and more in tune with what members need, want, and expect.

Associations can use AI technology to do things like:

  • Create a familiar (and effective) Amazon-like shopping experience. Recommend new purchases based on past behaviors. Feature  “what other members like you purchased” to increase non-dues revenues.
  • Help members find answers through personalized content. Predict the answers that members are looking for, and providing that information proactively.
  • Automate aspects of member service by answering common questions. Offer the ability to renew memberships via a chat bot to provide immediate response 24/7 and free up staff time.
  • Use predictive analytics to determine which event location will bring in the highest number of registrations.
  • Use data about past behaviors to predict if a member is unlikely to renew, and then intervene before losing the membership.
Find out more about how to understand and prepare for AI in your organization. Download the guide, What Every Association Should Know About AI

Security – You may not think of security when you think of innovation, but having cutting edge security helps protect your member data and reduce risk for your association. It also helps you to establish trust with your members. As your association grows and collects personal information about your members (which fuels personalized communications), you simply can’t afford not to protect your member data.

As your association grows and collects personal information about your members (which fuels personalized communications), you simply can’t afford not to protect your member data.

Here are five important things to look for in a modern AMS system to protect your member data and reduce risk:

  • Transparency – Your AMS system should provide you with insight, information, and documentation into its system performance and security to promote your trust and confidence in its service.
  • Best practices for data security – To prevent unauthorized access, your AMS system should support data security best practices, including two-factor authentication, login IP ranges, adjustable session timeout thresholds, custom domains, and the latest authentication and encryption protocol Transport Layer Security (TLS) for browser encryption.
  • Comprehensive user permissions – Your system should allow only your organization to access its data, and allow your administrator to restrict access so that your employees can view and edit only the data they should be able to access in the system, depending on their role with your organization.
  • Data recovery – To safeguard your data, your AMS system should protect your data from simple data storage errors, catastrophic failures, and everything in between. Also, your AMS system should not hold your data hostage.
  • Compliance – The most secure AMS systems maintain compliance certifications and attestations to validate their security.
Find out more about these critical data security aspects of a modern AMS system: Download the guide, Protect Your Member Data, Reduce Risk, and Ensure System Performance

As your association strives to remain relevant, be sure you have in place modern technology to deliver the experience your members have come to expect. Your ability to embrace innovation and ultimately deliver a great customer experience depends heavily on the platform that your AMS is built on.

Learn more about why Nimble AMS is the most in-demand AMS built on the Salesforce CRM platform.

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