Become an innovative association by embracing the member experience through tech

Is your organization looking to deliver an excellent member experience? Consider becoming an innovative association by embracing modern technology. One of the best ways to adopt innovation at your organization and drive a superior member experience is through in-person events.

According to Forbes, 73% of all booked events in 2022 were in person. This year, your association can anticipate an even higher member demand for in-person events.  

If your association wants to add immediate value to your events, consider adopting modern association management software (AMS) and powerful event management software. Embracing this innovative technology will help you support a superior member experience and streamline your in-person event management.

Strategies to create innovative events with Nimble AMS + Expo Logic  

It’s not enough to simply adopt modern technology hoping it will improve the member experience—you also need to be certain that the software seamlessly integrates, so no data silos occur at your organization.

With the powerful combination of Nimble AMS and Expo Logic, you can rest assured that your data will seamlessly integrate, allowing the teams across your organization to work together as you plan for your next big event. Here’s how:

1. Registration. When it’s time for your members and attendees to register for your event, leverage your tech to streamline the entire registration process, simplifying the staff and member experience.

Using any device, a member can self-register for the event with the Nimble AMS platform. A member can select from various pricing tiers (created by staff to streamline the event registration process) and pay using various secure, PCI-compliant options. After, the member can browse the event sessions and sign up for individual sessions, view information about speakers, or details on networking gatherings.  

Continue streamlining the registration process with Expo Logic’s Badge[On]Demand functionality. Badge[On]Demand empowers members to self-check into your event without staff help, by leveraging QR codes or typing their names. The technology automatically prints your members’ badges without involving employees or volunteers. The Badge[On]Demand feature integrates directly with Nimble AMS to allow members to check in and automatically print their badges whenever and wherever is most convenient.

2. Sponsor management. Any organization involved in event planning knows that sponsorships are key to driving revenue. Utilizing innovative technology will help you optimize the selling and management of your sponsorships, ensuring that each event will be a financial success.

When you leverage the Nimble AMS Lightning Store, you can make it simple for staff to sell sponsorships before your event begins. Direct potential sponsors to purchase an event sponsorship on your event page or e-commerce site, increasing non-dues revenue. With Nimble AMS, employees can easily track data across events, empowering them to reach out to potential sponsors for repeat opportunities.

With Expo Logic Lead Retrieval solutions, your organization can maximize exhibitor ROI with immediate access to leads. Expo Logic makes it easier for exhibitors to increase lead opportunities and connect with members and attendees.  

3. Post-event reporting. When you integrate Nimble AMS and Expo Logic all your vital event data will stay centralized in your association management software. You’ll never need to worry about an outdated report—all your teams will have the insights they need to plan an excellent member experience for your next event. 

When you choose Nimble AMS, you’ll have access to user-friendly reports and dashboards of important event metrics like registration, attendance, and sponsorships. If you need to set up another report or dashboard, you can do so easily, through point-and-click configurations (no code necessary.) Leverage Expo Logic Badge[On]Demand to track busy registration times, how long registration was open, and how many badges you printed to plan for future events.  

Discover why embracing innovation delivers a superior member experience 

If you wish to improve the member experience and add immediate value to your in-person events, adopt innovative association management software (AMS) and event management technology today! Focus on enhancing the attendee experience with the powerful combination of Nimble AMS and Expo Logic. 

Ready for more benefits?

Discover even more benefits to integrating Nimble AMS with Expo Logic when you download our free infographic: Make a bigger impact at your events with Nimble AMS + Expo Logic.

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