Why use an AMS system in which all clients are on the same version?

Matt Rist

December 6, 2021

    Software upgrades can be costly and time-consuming hassle. 

    When you’re looking for new software to manage your association, consider these benefits of using an AMS that’s automatically updated. 

    On this blog, you’ll often see us mention association management software (AMS) in which all clients are using the same version of the product. On the surface, being on the same version of AMS as everyone else might not seem too important. But the truth is that it can make a big difference in the hassle you endure from, the amount of time and money you spend on, and the quality you get from the software. 

    What it means for all AMS clients to be on the same version
    First, consider what it means to be on the same version as other organizations using the AMS you’re using. Think about when you use something like Facebook or Google. You don’t typically know what version you’re using. But you’re using the most recent version because everyone is using the same version. It’s just automatically updated.  

    That’s how modern AMS systems work. The software is automatically updated, so you just use it. In short, it’s pain-free. 

    Now, let’s dig deeper to look at some of the specific benefits of this type of membership management software: 

    • No-hassle reliability – If your AMS has multiple product versions out there, then there’s a good chance that any integrations or other customizations you have made with your AMS will break when you eventually upgrade to the next version of the software. That can result in system downtime, which means your IT team must jump in to provide extra support (and/or you must hire outside help) while your staff’s work is interrupted.You also never know for sure if or when the vendor of your product will stop supporting your version of the product. 

    In contrast, vendors that regularly push out automatic upgrades are continuously developing, testing, and releasing smaller batches of code. So, customers have more routine, predictable, and lower-risk upgrades in manageable chunks versus major, disruptive, higher-risk upgrades. And, you can rest assured that your product will continue to be developed and supported.

    • Cost effectiveness – If you use an AMS system with multiple versions out there, then each upgrade is typically an added expense to your association. But when you use an AMS system with all clients on the same version, there’s no additional charge for upgrades. That makes the total cost of ownership lower than other solutions. It also makes it easier to budget for your AMS because you don’t have to plan for big expenses around periodic product upgrades.
    • The latest technology – Vendors that offer AMS systems with multiple versions must spend time maintaining those multiple versions. Plus, associations that use those systems often find themselves using outdated technology for their staff and members because they haven’t had the time, money, or resources to tackle the latest product upgrade. On the flip side, with an AMS system that has all clients on the same version, the vendor has only one version of the product to support and maintain. So, the vendor can concentrate on delivering and supporting high-quality features to you, versus maintaining and supporting older versions of the software. And, you can rest assured that your staff and your members are always using the latest in technology advances.

    Make the move to modern association management software
    “Continuous delivery” is the term used for the method in which software developers keep producing valuable software code in short cycles so it can be reliably released to customers at any time. This approach goes hand-in-hand with the included product upgrade model. Together, they give you the latest technology without hassle and extra fees.

    Nimble AMS is the only enterprise-level AMS to offer continuous delivery. It’s a modern AMS built on the Salesforce platform. Both Nimble AMS and Salesforce push out three automatic upgrades three times per year. Using this method, the Nimble AMS team provides a continuous stream of upgrades and innovation so customers are always using the same version of the latest technology. It gives you instant access to the latest product features – with no hassles or extra costs – because product updates happen automatically. 

    Here’s a real-world example: Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA) is a professional association. Membership is comprised of professional educators, associates, retired teachers, and students. 

    MSTA’s previous AMS did not meet its growing needs and expectations, and the association spent tens of thousands of dollars on outside consultants and support to prevent and repair system breaks with each upgrade. Since the organization’s move to Nimble AMS, MSTA Executive Director Bruce Moe says: “It is huge to not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on outside consultants just to make sure things don’t break with every upgrade. I can now spend that money on value-added things. It’s liberating. That was impossible in our old system. Things just work now.” 

    Learn more
    It’s time to say goodbye to costly, risky upgrades. With Nimble AMS, upgrades do not cost extra, and you can rest assured that your organization is always running on the latest version, giving you more time and the latest tools for delivering a great experience for your members. 

    Find out more: Explore Nimble AMS. 

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