Learn how the American Bankers Association (ABA) exceeds organizational goals

Is your association wondering if it’s time to upgrade your association management software? Maybe you’ve heard about Nimble AMS but were curious to learn more about which organizations leverage the platform.  

For over a decade, Nimble AMS has been empowering enterprise-level associations. Our team is dedicated to being a trusted technology partner to help trailblazing organizations focus on their missions. 

Discover how the American Bankers Association leverages Nimble AMS and Salesforce to reach organizational goals and enhance the member experience.  

About the American Bankers Association (ABA) 

The American Bankers Association (ABA) is a trade organization for banks of all sizes, serving over two million bank employees. ABA supports American banks with the latest industry news, mission-critical training opportunities, educational resources, advocacy offerings, and online discussion groups.  

A trailblazing association, ABA leverages Nimble AMS and Salesforce to reach its organizational goals and exceed member expectations.

“The sky is the limit—who knows what ABA will achieve next. We’re thrilled with the Nimble AMS and Salesforce platforms and with the partnerships we’ve been able to form,” said Sandy Minners Senior VP, IT Client Engagement of the American Bankers Association.

How has the American Bankers Association successfully leveraged Nimble AMS + Salesforce?

ABA has used Salesforce for over ten years, but their previous association management software (AMS) was an outdated system, customized beyond recognition. The organization knew it was time to update AMS systems, so they began their software search, bringing in all their stakeholders across teams.  

ABA researched two Salesforce-based AMS, but there was a clear winner. “Nimble AMS really made sense for us,” said Sandy Minners Senior VP, IT Client of the American Bankers Association. ABA chose Nimble AMS and went live with its implementation in July 2021. Out of its staff of 350, ABA has 210 Nimble AMS users.  

“One of the best benefits of Nimble AMS is that all customers are on the same version,” said Minners. With all clients on the same version of Nimble AMS, associations are never left behind in software updates and painful upgrades are a thing of the past. With the Nimble AMS schedule of continuous updates, customers can rest assured they will have access to the most innovative software.

“We appreciate the great support team at Nimble AMS. We couldn’t do it without the Nimble AMS team and the change management presence,” said Minners. ABA has greatly invested in training and educational opportunities to best leverage Nimble AMS and Salesforce at their organization. Nimble AMS myTrailhead makes it easy to get the most out of your technology investment by leveling up staff and key stakeholders with an engaging virtual learning platform.

To exceed its organizational goals and enhance the member experience, ABA has reconfigured its Salesforce offerings, choosing to leverage Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. These three Salesforce Clouds (and more) work together with Nimble AMS, empowering an organization to advance its mission.  

“Some of our employees were initially hesitant to switch software. But now they sing the praises of Nimble AMS, talking about how much better our teams can work because of the platform,” said Minners.

Learn more about how Nimble AMS empowers associations

Is your association ready for its Nimble AMS success story? Learn more about how Nimble AMS can bring organizations and members together.

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