How the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) boosts member trust with technology

How much do your members trust your association? According to Community Brands Association Trends research, 84% of association professionals see building trust as a top priority.  

But how can your association boost member trust and solidify your industry reputation? Let technology do the heavy lifting—leverage modern association management software to enhance the staff and member experience and build trust in your organization.

Learn how the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) uses innovative technology to boost their organization’s reputation by supporting member services and products. Read our blog to discover three ways ASSH increased trust in their organization.

About the American Society for the Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) 

The American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) is the oldest and most prestigious medical society dedicated to the hand and upper extremity. The organization works to advance the science and practice of hand and upper extremity surgery through education, research, and advocacy on behalf of patients and practitioners. 

In 2015, ASSH turned to Nimble AMS for Salesforce-based association management software (AMS) that would support new and innovative approaches to their business challenges. Today, ASSH takes innovation to new levels, creating efficiencies through automation and boosting member trust with the latest tools and technology.

Why ASSH chose Nimble AMS + Salesforce to increase trust in their organization 

Salesforce defines trust as their top value. Trust is at the forefront of how Salesforce engages with their customers, manages data, and builds out their ecosystem. Salesforce even conducts research on the importance of organizational trust, finding that 88% of customers believe trust is more important during times of change.  

Nimble AMS also recognizes the value of trust and has ensured that it’s built into our membership processes and association management tools. In the latest Community Brands Association Trends Study, building trust is still a top priority for association members. This research impacts how Nimble AMS tailors its approach to member management tools and processes. 

Early on, ASSH decided that Salesforce would be their go-to platform. In talking to the Nimble AMS team, ASSH realized they aligned with the Nimble AMS culture and emphasis on innovation. ASSH also liked that Nimble AMS supported scalability and growth.

As ASSH implemented Nimble AMS, the organization quickly proved they made the right decision. The Nimble AMS implementation went smoothly, with ASSH staff quickly adopting the software with a noticeable lack of complaints. ASSH members and constituents also quickly embraced Nimble AMS + Salesforce.

“We like the fact that the Nimble AMS + Salesforce platform is always bringing new updates and there is never any risk of the changes breaking our current system. The continuous Nimble AMS and Salesforce updates are crucial because we want a modern system, and we want to continue having a modern system,” said Jake Adler, Chief Technology Officer ASSH.

How the American Society for the Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) increases member trust  

The American Society for Surgery of the Hand leverages Nimble AMS + Salesforce to increase staff, member, and constituent trust in their organization. Here’s how ASSH uses innovative technology to get the job done: 

1. Trusted ecosystem

ASSH built a universal Fellowship Application with Salesforce Flows. The application is used by all US surgeons who seek to specialize in hand and upper extremity surgery. Before ASSH built the Fellowship Application, individuals had to submit giant packets of information including every hospital system where they wanted to be a fellow.

Transforming the application into a streamlined process built on Salesforce + Nimble AMS saves members vast amounts of time and effort. Because member data is already stored in Nimble AMS, all of the application information flows into ASSH’s fellowship program system reducing staff processes and work time.

2. Trusted tools

When it came to medical coding, ASSH realized that the tools surgeons had available weren’t sufficient in delivering accurate and necessary information. Recognizing this need, ASSH created a progressive web application, or a website that works on native apps, to deliver needed information to surgeons and their staff for medical billing.

Surgeons can leverage ASSH’s web application to locate, save, and use medical code combos for accurate billing. ASSH’s members can now trust that the medical coding information is accurate and accessible. 

3. Trusted partnership  

Early on into ASSH’s Nimble AMS software implementation, the organization was unsure how to maintain it. Initially, Nimble AMS worked hard to teach ASSH staff how to best maximize their technology investments. The Nimble AMS team also worked to empower ASSH employees to leverage the software to best meet their unique needs.

Over time, ASSH has learned how to get the most out of Nimble AMS by updating the system to meet their organization’s needs. ASSH has worked with the Nimble AMS team for over eight years and because of the team’s ongoing support, really trusts the Nimble AMS system.

Being in the Salesforce ecosystem has also added a helpful community for ASSH, where staff can work with other organizations to discover insightful solutions to best utilize Nimble AMS + Salesforce.

“The Nimble AMS team is highly supportive. We had a ticket in the system this week and got a response to resolve the issue the same day,” said Adler.

Learn more about how ASSH boosts trust with innovative technology

Want to learn even more about how ASSH leverages Nimble AMS + Salesforce to enhance the member experience and boost trust? Check out our free success story: Taking automation to the next level with Nimble AMS built on Salesforce.

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