How to boost the member experience by integrating career center software with Nimble AMS

What kind of benefits are members looking for when they join an association? According to the Community Brands 2022 Association Trends Study, member priorities have shifted to tangible, personal benefits. 47% of members report joining an association for certifications or credentials and 45% say they chose an organization for job opportunities.  

Surprisingly, association professionals continue to undervalue offering career resources, even though it proves to be a huge benefit with the power to drive a superior member experience. Put your association on the map by transforming it into a career resource destination. Here’s how:

Seven tips to elevate the member experience by becoming an industry career resource 

Start boosting the member experience when you integrate modern career center software with your AMS. 

1. Use your data. With data from your career center, leverage your AMS prediction analytics to personalize the member experience. Adjust your recruitment efforts according to your members’ past event participation. Focus your attention on members who want to connect through certain events and redouble your attempts with inactive members by trying a new approach

TECH TIP: Leverage prediction analytics at your association with the power of Nimble AMS and Salesforce’s Einstein AI.

2. Keep in touch. Every month, pull a list of active job seekers and send them an email with tips and best practices for career advancement. Doing so provides members with an ongoing benefit that boosts retention and engagement.    

TECH TIP: Streamline and automate the process of developing creative and branded email content with Nimble Create.

3. Build interest with non-members. Attract non-members to your association by offering superior member-only resources. Allow non-members to sign up for your job board but limit their access to association-only features and tease enticing options like career pathing services, career coaches, and placement services. Send them personalized reminder emails about the benefits they could access, at reduced rates, if they joined your organization.

4. Activate your online community. Create discussion groups in your online member community inspired by topics from your career center, such as job interview tips or resume techniques, to deliver a superior member experience.

TECH TIP: Utilize Nimble Communities to connect members searching for career resources. Dedicate specific feeds for members looking for mentors, individuals searching for new jobs, and a safe space to ask questions.

5. Create informational content. Post a short video of your career center experience – such as signing in, finding a job opportunity, and clicking through to apply – on your FAQ page, or on your learning program website to help promote your career center to members who might not know about it. 

TECH TIP: Accessible with Nimble AMS, use myTrailhead to teach members how to use your career center and access its many features. myTrailhead offers engaging content like videos, gamification elements, graphs, and more to keep learners interested.

6. Cross post to increase awareness and engagement. Promote career center features, such as job postings and career resources, regularly in your online member community and social media feeds to drive current members to a valuable resource.

7. Personalize the member’s job-seeking experience. Let members opt-in to receive smart job recommendations based on their AMS member profile data, such as job title and locations, so they can passively search for new career opportunities. Make it simple for members to update and personalize their profiles for networking purposes. 

TECH TIP: Nimble AMS has a highly configurable Community Hub, allowing individuals to personalize details on their member pages. When members can individualize their experience, they’re more likely to invest in your organization and network with more members.

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Are you looking for more ways to boost the member experience at your association by becoming the go-to career resource in your industry? Discover even more ways to elevate your AMS by integrating career center software when you check out our guide: Be the best career resource in your industry with Nimble AMS + YM Careers.

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