Building Nimble AMS Champions


In 5th grade, I penned five pages on what a visit to Paris, France would be like. After some research and consternation, I turned in my work on starchy, lined paper and received an A+. The title: “The Parisian Experience”. What I didn’t realize, until I had actually stepped foot on French soil, was that my “experience” was a lonely candle compared to the brilliant sunlight that awaited me in the city itself. It’s easy to learn about something from reading or writing, but to truly experience it takes all senses and, most of all, your involvement in something significant. Nimble AMS training starts out with a game plan – you can write it on starchy, lined paper if you’d like. It ends with a full-circle dynamo of engaging development which brings people, ideas, and innovation together.

Onsite Training

Our training brings two teams together for a purpose: to inform now and empower for the future. To that end, we aim our investment at the construction of Champions for our clients; building a group of internal, Nimble AMS experts who will carry forth the knowledge and performance for years to come. Instead of dropping off booklets or emailing bullet points to click your way to technical boredom, Nimble AMS invites you into the family by bringing you into the experience or bringing the experience to you. In our home office in Rochester, NY, you are welcomed to casual surroundings with access to your project team and the top minds who plan, pivot, and customize your training experience.

Though incoming Champions may find themselves as honored guests for a cook-out or game of bocce or even a table full of pipe-cleaners and Play-Doh, one thing is not left to chance – the enveloping technical experience which sets you up for success now and for our many days ahead. If you’d rather skip the flights and opt for our consultants coming on-site into your neighborhood, we bring the same attitude and energy to your offices. For times when being remote is better, we utilize GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts for “face-to-face” chats and live demonstrations. No matter which roof we’re under, we’re always together, and we take pride in being with you every step of the way.

Nimble AMS holds highly a central core value: Empower the Client. Your Champions are fueled with Nimble AMS intelligence – from the moment that we begin the Discovery process as we kick off Nimble 101 and bring real-life configurations, to the laptops and projectors in front of your select group of early-adopters. With first-hand knowledge of what Nimble AMS looks and feels like and how it can be configured, the journey continues through the cooperative development of design requirements and iterative, interactive development. We’ll cooperate through demos and reviews together to keep your team informed and involved during the entire process. Workshops utilize your actual data in order to learn about and create time-saving reports, convenient dashboards, data import magic, and fortifying administrator techniques which transform your team from students into scholars.

Client Training Fun

In the Champion-building system, Nimble AMS fuses technical expertise and collaborative energy with the one component that matters most: you. Your Champions are groomed through interactive sessions, invitations to configure and explore, and the occasional cake, Foursquare, or Saltine Challenge. Their training is an internal investment in human capital as you reap the benefits of knowledgeable (and happy) team members who are guided to prove that they can master Nimble AMS now, and by design, will be able to power your usage of it for years to come. One-time instruction leads to one-time usage. Multiple elements and variations of Nimble AMStraining ensures that the foundation is built within your team, and the long-term ownership and cost-saving empowerment is evident as we partner together to keep things fresh and fun. Pre-launch staff training leads to launch festivities, and before you can raise a glass, Nimble AMS is in cultivated and capable hands who helped build it. We include timely check-ins, informative posts on seasonal releases, and an immersion into the client world that is NimbleLand. Top it off with the Innovate Conference, with more training, more energy, and more reasons to love your AMS. You won’t have to ask us for the proof, you’ll have it working in front of you – a staff that is engaged and enthusiastic for something that they helped build.

While you can read “The Parisian Experience”, I suggest you book a flight, sip a cafe au lait, walk the Champs Elysees, and take in a 360 degree view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower amidst the din of French-speaking citizens who share the splendor. With that being said, skip the lectures, books, and starchy, lined paper, and take an active role in the “Nimble AMS Champion Experience” – you’ll be happier along the way and healthier over the life of your Nimble AMS as a result.

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