​Today marks the three year anniversary of #TheGreatCakeRevoltof2014, a very important day in NimbleUser history. This day is a constant reminder of a seemingly simple suggestion that sparked outrage and threatened to change the future of NimbleUser gatherings forever. 
Nimbler Matt Reiner initially reported on the event. I caught up with him to ask him how he feels NimbleUser has changed since that day. He said, “Each time we eat cake, we remember our forefathers who, through relentless Chatter posts, brought liberty to NimbleUser, and the cake we enjoy today. It’s sweet, sweet freedom.”

We must never forget the events that shape us, and we must not let history repeat itself. In honor of the brave Nimblers who rebelled for the sake of cake, we have set up a memorial breakout room.

I’m sure that this revolt will be covered in history textbooks someday. Until then, the full original story can be found here