Employee training is the key to helping your entire organization grow

Do you offer technology training opportunities for your employees? Providing employee training ensures great benefits for your association. You’ll have better-skilled staff, who are more confident and productive in their roles. With continued employee training, you’ll be able to promote from within your association, reducing the overall staff recruitment costs and increasing morale and loyalty within your organization.  

Additionally, employees express great interest in technology training. According to a recent study conducted by Forrester, 80% of surveyed employees report they’d remain in their current jobs if they had tech training. However, only 47% of these employees report they were offered technology training opportunities. 

If your association doesn’t offer employee training opportunities at your association, it’s easy to get started. Or, if your organization already provides staff tech training, there are ways to take your program to the next level. Continue reading for two simple tips to guarantee your staff gets the tech training they need to utilize your association management software (AMS).

Two tech training tips to ensure your employees are empowered to use your software
First consider the tech gaps your employees currently face when working with your software. Do they require basic training to become more confident and efficient? Are they looking for advanced tech training to better utilize your AMS and improve employee processes?

If you’re unsure, consider surveying your staff to gain feedback about greater organizational trends. From there, you can prioritize which employee training subject to tackle first and then begin to roll out professional development opportunities.

Here’s how to take your employee training process to the next level:

1. Optimize your training platform. Offering tech training is a fantastic way to show you’re investing in your employees. It isn’t uncommon for staff who’ve worked multiple years for an organization to start to feel burnt-out or cynical in their career. However, providing a variety of professional development options will help your employees learn more skills, develop new relationships, and continue to grow.

Feature a dedicated online learning management platform to show staff you’re taking their training seriously and offer engaging content like videos, webinars, workshops, gamification elements, and certifications. To maximize professional development across teams, encourage mentoring relationships between senior staff and newer employees. Consider allowing qualified staff to teach in-person employee training courses, and don’t forget to celebrate staff accomplishments and key training wins.

The United States Institute of Theater Technology (USITT) chose myTrailhead, a feature of Salesforce and Nimble AMS because it was a user-friendly learning management system that revolutionized their internal educational processes. Salesforce estimates that using myTrailhead lowers employee onboarding costs by 20%. By applying engaging content like videos, graphs, and quizzes in myTrailhead modules, USITT ensured their constituents adopted crucial association information. 


2. Maximize your software product adoption. To increase ROI and innovation at your organization, you’ll want to ensure your employees are utilizing the full extent of your AMS. When your staff and software are aligned, you’ll be on track to hit (and exceed) your strategic goals. Some AMS platforms offer advanced reporting options to track how much of the software you’re utilizing, and which features you’re not, so you’re better informed on how to train your staff.  

Maximize your ROI with the Nimble AMS Health Dashboard. Use the Health Dashboard to identify just how much of Nimble AMS you’re using, and which features you haven’t yet implemented. The Health Dashboard provides an overview of Nimble AMS features to train your staff on how to enable and leverage any unused features to your organization’s advantage.

How do you ensure your employees are making the most of your AMS? Most software offers extensive training and support in the software implementation process and beyond. Some companies will even provide customer webinars and helpful blogs or whitepapers with member-motivated thought leadership content, specifically tailored for associations.  

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Learn more about how technology training gives your association a competitive edge

Technology training is the key to empowering your employees and improving your workplace culture. Discover more ways technology can transform your association when you check out our whitepaper: Help your entire org thrive with Nimble AMS.

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