How to successfully recruit and retain staff with innovative technology

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics latest Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary, employment openings increased to record levels in March, reaching 11.549 million vacancies. The number of job openings has been on the rise since the pandemic and continues to outpace the rate of new hires. Job quit numbers also rose in March to 4.5 million, increasing in business and professional settings.  

So, how can an association recruit and retain staff in this job seeker’s market? 

A recent Salesforce study identified that 89% of full-time workers were more satisfied with their job because of workplace automation. Automation improves the employee work-life balance, and simultaneously lowers job stress levels. Modern technology streamlines work processes, allowing employees to take on new projects and grow their skill sets.    

When you adopt innovative technology at your association, you have the power to increase worker engagement, productivity, and collaboration. Here are three tips to embrace a modern association management software and increase staff recruitment and retention at your organization. 

1. How to find the right technology for your association
Discovering the best technology for your organization can make or break an employee’s experience. If a staff member is frustrated with your current technological configuration, it can add stress and extra work to their role. Ineffective tech can also cost your organization money and employees. “No question with the younger generation, if you don’t have good tech, they’ll leave. Technology investment is a requirement now,” says Wes Trochlil, President of Effective Database Management. 

To choose the right technology for your association, first focus on what’s not working with your current set up and understand your association’s pain points. Ask yourself, how can innovative technology streamline staff processes, ultimately transforming the member experience? 

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Next, consider the following:

  • Survey your staff to learn how much time they spend on various company-wide processes. Receiving this feedback will identify organizational trends and help you prioritize which tools are best for your association.
  • Be realistic about your staff’s abilities and the effort it takes to adopt innovative technology. You can always invest in your staff with training, but some tech may be out of reach based on all that’s needed for implementation.
  • Welcome technological feedback from members. What are they looking for in their association technology? What does kind of technology do their organizations use? 

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2. Offer technology training for all employees
To attract new employees and retain current staff at your association, it’s wise to invest in data training. According to research conducted by Forrester, 80% of employees say they’d stay in their job if they were trained in technology. Despite these high levels of interest, only 47% of employees report receiving any data training from their employer. The study reports that while employees may be interested in tech training, it’s not universally available at most companies—only 26% of basic data training and 9% of advanced technology training is available for all employees. 

Why this disconnect in data literacy? It’s likely organizational leaders underestimate the value of training their staff in innovative technology. Your association can stand apart from other organizations by building a data-driven culture. Here’s how:

  • Prioritize technology training initiatives and offer basic and advanced development options for all staff.
  • Communicate with staff that you’re offering data training to help grow their skills and develop professionally for your organization and their own betterment.
  • During the hiring process, advertise all data training and professional development options your organization offers. When interviewing potential hires, ask about their interest in learning and development and reassure them they will have professional development opportunities.

Technology significantly contributes to employee satisfaction and retention. 97% of technologically satisfied employees say they’ll continue working for their company for the next two years. 81% of data satisfied employees report they’ll stay at their company for the next five years. With the power of innovative technology and skills training for all employees, you can improve employee happiness and retain staff for years to come. 

TECH TIP: Boost data and skills training initiatives at your association by implementing Saleforce's Trailhead , accessible with Nimble AMS.

3. Create a data-driven culture at your organization
You can increase staff recruitment and retention at your association by creating a data-driven work culture. However, all changes in prioritizing technology and data literacy must begin at the top. When leaders embrace this mindset, associations will have the power to enact lasting positive change for their staff and members. 

While the benefits of innovative technology are myriad, implementation can also present challenges in the workplace. To counteract these difficulties, ensure you routinely meet with staff to assess and address their workload. Emphasize relationship over routine during meetings and celebrate staff successes to boost employee engagement. Work to create an inclusive data-driven culture by leading through example, empowering your staff for success, and embracing and supporting DEI initiatives. 

To recruit new employees to your organization, highlight what makes you unique, including your association’s mission, goals, and prioritization of modern technology.  

  • Offer flexibility in the workplace, whether through remote options or a hybrid setup, and describe how you support a healthy work life balance.
  • Explain your organization’s emphasis on technology training and data literacy. Highlight training opportunities available for all employees.
  • Demonstrate how automation makes work easier for staff, lessening stress and streamlining work processes. Share examples of how much time employees save while using your technology. 

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Take the next step

Now that you know why innovative technology is crucial to staff recruitment and retention, it’s time to find the best association management software (AMS) for your organization. Learn more about how you can transform your association with Nimble AMS.

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