How to enhance the member experience with Nimble AMS + Salesforce Lighting Web Components

When it comes to Salesforce-based platforms, Nimble AMS stands out with its innovative use of Lightning Web Components (LWCs). Nimble AMS has designed the LWCs so associations can create a dynamic and responsive member experience. When your organization uses LWCs you’ll have unparalleled flexibility as you create custom, professional widgets to elevate staff and member interactions. 

Want to learn more about the power of Nimble AMS and Salesforce LWCs? Read our blog to discover how your association can leverage Nimble AMS LWCs to meet a diverse range of needs, including event management, e-commerce, membership management, and more.

How Nimble AMS + Salesforce Lightning Web Components (LWCs) enhance your association

1. Event Management

Nimble AMS LWCs empower your association to craft captivating event interfaces, featuring highlighted event cards with compelling calls to action. By seamlessly integrating with the registration process, the LWC widgets enhance the overall event experience. Additionally, a pre-designed event landing page template offers a structured layout, incorporating essential details such as event schedules, ticketing information, and engaging visuals.

2. E-commerce

Merchandising becomes a breeze with Nimble AMS’ scalable grid in the “Store” menu, allowing members to view products with prices, details, and images. The LWCs further facilitate in-depth selections, such as size and color, offering a streamlined shopping experience. The transition to the Experience Checkout is seamless, providing options for digital wallet payments, guest checkouts, and stored user checkouts with coupon support.

3. Order template

The Order Template introduces an integrated approach, enabling staff to manage past, paid, and unpaid orders efficiently. With a customizable filtering menu, this LWC displays order details, purchase dates, and offers convenient actions like viewing invoices or making payments. Future editions promise expanded views for each order item, enhancing the overall user experience.

4. Donations and payment methods

The Nimble AMS Donation LWC provides flexibility for both guests and logged-in members, supporting single or repeated donations. The Payment Methods template simplifies the process of managing available payment methods, allowing members to sort and set preferences easily. The inclusion of checking accounts adds another layer of versatility to the payment experience.

5. Affiliations template

Your staff will benefit from the Affiliations Template, which provides a comprehensive view of current and past affiliations. This widget facilitates the editing of association and company profiles, empowering users to manage their professional connections effortlessly.

6. Customization and theming

The Nimble AMS LWCs offer extensive customization options, allowing your association to adapt colors, fonts, and icons to align with your unique themes and branding. Templates, including those mentioned above, can be seamlessly saved to the Experience Cloud theme, contributing to the cohesive and branded look of your website.

7. Accessibility

The Nimble AMS commitment to best practices is evident in its provision of a starter template for Experience Cloud, offering a solid foundation for users to build upon. LWCs can be conveniently accessed through the component list, featuring the Nimble AMS distinctive sunburst icon. 

Learn more about the power of Nimble AMS + Salesforce Lightning Web Components

To explore our best practices for designing with LWCs, read our blog: Tips to enhance your association’s member experience by leveraging Nimble AMS and Salesforce Experience Cloud.

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