Evernote Helps You Organize Your Nimble Life


Do you ever feel like suddenly the universe is sending you sign after sign of something you hadn’t given that much thought to before? That was sort of how I was introduced to Evernote; not a new tool but one that in a matter of a week seemed used by everyone here at Nimble AMS.

I am not a developer or technical consultant like many of our tech-savvy staff here at Nimble AMS. I am the Marketing and HR Manager and a working mom. The techies of our company are constantly playing with new toys, apps and tools but I kept noticing that many people at Nimble AMS were using Evernote.
Evernote describes itself as “the workspace for your life’s work,” but is essentially an online note-taking tool and archiving tool. It is a free app available on any device; mobile, computer, iPad etc. and is useful for both professional and personal needs. All of your notes sync and are available across all of your devices!

Although I love a good pad of paper and pen, Evernote makes all of my notes searchable, organized and doesn’t leave me searching for that old notebook when I want to access something from months ago. In it’s basic form, Evernote lets you create “notes” or single pieces of information and collect/organize them in “notebooks.” However, Evernote can collect and store much more than text notes, including images and even business cards, syncing them to your account so you can bring them up any on any device where you’ve installed Evernote. Notes and notebooks can be shared or even emailed so you are not left rewriting the same information you already collected. Still attached to your pen and paper? Evernote even partnered with Moleskin notebooks to make pen & paper easier to sync with the Evernote app.

A quick poll of a few staff at Nimble AMS highlights what our team loves about Evernote:
Sig VanDamme, Founder & Chief Customer Officer:

Matt Reiner, a Nimble AMS Project Coordinator stated the following:
“No matter what platform, there is no doubt that the search is amazing. The first time I wanted to look for something that I had taken notes on it, started to type a word and my note popped right up, I threw my notebook into a desk drawer and never touched it again.

It occurred to me that I had a huge amount of invaluable data that was scribbled on sheets of paper that could be lost, stolen, or burned. No company can afford this kind of loss, and Evernote will help slim the disaster recovery plan by quite a bit.

My wife and I share our grocery list so that we can both reference it whenever either one of us is shopping. I could see huge benefit to using it company wide, or even requiring it, like is done at Square. Notebooks are perhaps one of the worst culprits of siloing knowledge, even to the person owning them. Evernote keeps notes searchable, organized, and safe. Not to mention sharable. :) “

Dawn VanDamme, President & CEO:
I encourage you to sign up for a free account and check it out for yourself. Evernote even links their business edition to Salesforce.

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