How to ensure you’re using updated software to run your association

Tirrah Switzer

January 24, 2022

    Do you want the latest in technology advances for your association? 

    Read on to learn how to make sure you’re always using the latest and greatest association management software, without hassle and extra cost.

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    Consider this: If you use something like Facebook, Google, or Twitter, you likely don’t know what version you’re using. But it is the most recent version because everyone is always on the same version. It’s just automatically updated. 

    Wouldn’t it be great if that were the same with the software you use to manage your association – your association management software (AMS)? 

    The truth is that some AMS systems require customers to wait for big (and sometimes costly) upgrades. That might work for some associations. But if you want the latest in technology advances, without hassle and extra cost, using an AMS built in the true cloud is the way to go.  

    A true cloud-based AMS system provides straightforward access to your software. You just access what you need when you need it, and never have to deal with the complexities of managing software updates.  

    Continuous upgrades through Nimble AMS and Salesforce
    Using Nimble AMS, which is based on the Salesforce platform, means your association can take advantage of the benefits of the continuous upgrade model. These benefits include:0 Breakage to your system, 0 Dollars paid for upgrades, 0 Members of staff left behind on another version

    • Lower cost – Upgrades just happen. There is no added charge for upgrades, so the total cost of ownership is lower than other solutions. Costs are also more predictable for budgeting purposes, so there’s no need to worry about when to budget for things like replacing hardware, upgrading servers, or implementing new firewalls.
    • Lower risk – Both Salesforce and Nimble AMS continuously develop, test, and release smaller batches of code. This means that customers have more routine, predictable, and lower-risk product upgrades in manageable chunks versus major, disruptive, higher risk updates.
    • The latest technology – Salesforce and Nimble AMS release upgrades throughout the year. Each company provides three free upgrades per year. This ensures that customers are always using the latest and greatest technology. 

    TIP: Not all Salesforce-based AMS systems ensure customers are on the same version. Before choosing an AMS, be sure to ask the AMS vendor about their approach to upgrades to ensure they’re continuous. 

    A case in point: Missouri State Teachers Association Case Study

    MSTA logoMissouri State Teachers Association (MSTA) had an AMS that didn’t meet its growing needs and expectations. The association spent tens of thousands of dollars on outside consultants and support with each upgrade. But since the organization moved to Nimble AMS, MSTA Executive Director Bruce Moe says:  

    “As an Executive Director it is huge to not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on outside consultants just to make sure things don’t break with every upgrade. I can now spend that money on value-added things. It’s liberating. That was impossible in our old system. Things just work now. I realize that shouldn’t be shocking, but it is.” 

    Learn more
    The Salesforce platform offers Fortune 500-class customer relationship management (CRM) functionality. Using Nimble AMS, built on the Salesforce platform, you can gain the AMS functionality your organization needs with all of the benefits of the leading CRM platform, including continuous upgrades.

    Find out more: Read the guide, The Association’s Guide to All Things Salesforce, 2022 edition. 

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