How modern membership management software can help your association’s key functional areas

Your organization’s ability to thrive now and for years to come depends heavily on your choice of association management software (AMS). 

Here’s how your entire organization can benefit from a modern AMS system like Nimble AMS.

Each functional area of your association has a different role and a different perspective. But here’s one thing they have in common: A modern association management software (AMS) system can help each one of them work more efficiently and accomplish their goals more effectively. 

For example, here’s how Nimble AMS by Community Brands can help each of your association’s key functional areas thrive: 

Management and operations 

  • Make your association more adaptable.

With Nimble AMS, every customer is using the same latest and greatest version of the software. That means you are always using the most recent technology – which is especially useful when you need to change and adapt to new member expectations and world situations.

  • Work more efficiently.

Using Nimble AMS, you can save valuable staff time by automating manual business processes. Without code, your association can specify process criteria to do things like automatically update or create new records, emails, and tasks or submit approval requests – all in a few simple steps.

  • Attract and retain staff.

A state-of-the-art AMS system like Nimble AMS, which is built on Salesforce and offers extensive online training, can help you attract and retain a top-notch workforce. That’s because workers not only want to use powerful, modern software to help them do their jobs, but they also want to gain in-demand skills and certifications that will help them grow their careers.  

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Information technology (IT) 

  • Tackle data security and performance.

Salesforce offers world class reliability, data recovery, and transparency. And because Nimble AMS is built on the Salesforce platform, it helps to ensure your data is secure and your system is up and running and can scale as your organization grows.  

  • Keep pace with the latest customer relationship management (CRM) technology.

Because it’s built on the leading CRM platform, Salesforce, Nimble AMS delivers future-forward capabilities, including Fortune 500-class CRM functionality, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence.

  • Reduce risk.

It’s better, cheaper, and faster to buy a modern AMS system like Nimble AMS than to build your own. Just think: If a problem has been solved in a commercial product like Nimble AMS, why take on the risk of trying to solve it again? Why not focus your team’s time on other new and critically important challenges for your association? 

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  • Know your members better.
    Since it’s built on the Salesforce CRM platform, Nimble AMS gives you a compete view of your members, allowing you to collect, track, manage, and report on the contacts and relationships in your membership base.
  • Personalize member communications and offers.
    Nimble AMS helps you personalize the member experience by presenting your members with content and offers that are specific to their needs and interests.
  • Anticipate member needs.
    Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities in Nimble AMS make it easy to anticipate member needs and offer programs and benefits that help you attract more members, increase member engagement, and boost member retention.
  • Provide a great member experience.
    Nimble AMS gives you tools to provide a modern digital member experience. It’s also part of the connected network of solutions for associations by Community Brands – including solutions for event management, learning management, and online career center – that help you deliver a complete and connected member experience. 

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  • Work more efficiently.
    Nimble AMS supports a streamlined month-end process: Batches stay healthy; emails for orders, invoices, receipts, and more are sent automatically based on your business rules; and end-of-the-month books are completed properly.  
  • Deliver a better member experience.
    With Nimble AMS, it’s easy for your members or their employers to make payments. And, whether they are renewing their membership or purchasing a product from your website, you can easily process the order correctly with taxes, when applicable, and have the credits attributed to the correct General Ledger (GL) codes.  

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Learn more 
Making sure you have a strong technology foundation in place is one of the most powerful things you can do to help your organization succeed. Find out more about how Nimble AMS can help your whole organization work more efficiently and deliver the modern experience your members (and your staff!) expect: Explore Nimble AMS. 

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