How one association is expanding member engagement using Nimble Communities

Tirrah Switzer, Senior Product Marketing Manager

May 19, 2021

    Providing software for associations is great. Even better is when we hear how Nimble AMS is helping associations reach their goals.

    Better still: Sharing our clients’ success stories.

    Here’s a recent story of how one of our clients is expanding member engagement using Nimble Communities.

    The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) began using Nimble AMS in 2018 to manage their association. When one division of the society asked the organization for a place to interact and share ideas online, it sparked something bigger. ACerS quickly recognized the benefits of offering an online member community for the entire organization.

    With all the changes over the last 18 months in the AMS world, there is one constant and that is the platform you use. Salesforce is by far the best platform to run your association.

    Next is the team that backs the software and no one comes close to the quality, knowledge, and experience of both software and association management experience as the team at Community Brands.”

    Mark Kibble, Director of Technology, The American Ceramic Society

    The power of an online member community

    An online member community has the power to inspire and enable members to connect with each other and gain access to relevant content anytime from the convenience of their home, office, or wherever they are.

    Offering an online community is key to delivering a great member experience. It’s an ideal way to elevate and encourage networking among your association’s members. At the same time, it can make your association a part of your members’ daily social networking habits.

    After researching leading online community solutions, ACerS partnered with the Nimble AMS team to use Nimble Communities. Nimble Communities allows associations to easily set up and host a branded online member community. It’s built on the Salesforce Community Cloud platform and provides the collaboration capabilities associations need to drive continuous member engagement, improve member loyalty, and ultimately grow revenue.

    5 Steps to Getting Started with an Online Member Community

    How to attract and engage members – all year long

    Key features of Nimble Communities

    Nimble Communities allows ACerS to deliver the association experience to members’ fingertips – no matter where they are. Having their online community in place was especially helpful to ACerS when the pandemic hit in 2020 and members needed a way to connect virtually more than ever before.

    Key features of Nimble Communities that ACerS how has access to include:

    • Branding – It’s easy to create a set of brand elements to apply to the entire community – with only a few clicks.
    • Personalization – Using personalized feeds, the association can display current content that matches members’ interests and show the latest discussion activities.
    • Group automations – The association can streamline the management of community members with automations and self-discovery options that automatically connect the right people to the right groups.
    • Anytime, anywhere access – Members can contribute and collaborate in the association’s online community using any compatible device.

    Benefits of Nimble Communities

    ACerS also now has access to the multiple benefits that Nimble Communities offers, including the ability to:

    • Attract new members through a mobile experience that grants members access to industry news, regulations, trends, experts, and peers – all of which are among the most valued member benefits.
    • Drive stronger connections and increase member loyalty by bringing the most active members into contact with less connected members, deepening connections and driving member loyalty in the process.
    • Improve the member journey through personalized feeds that serve content based on each member’s interests and activities.
    • Provide a one-stop shop to highlight the association’s value, reach more members, and streamline marketing efforts.
    • Experience the benefits of the industry-leading Salesforce Community Cloud platform combined with unique association-specific capabilities.

    The results

    Using Nimble Communities, ACerS has seen several benefits, including:

    • Having a convenient online place for members to network, especially when the pandemic hit and members needed a way to connect virtually.
    • Exceeding their goals for member participation in the online community.
    • Gaining new insights into members’ behaviors and needs.

    The ACerS team says they are excited to think of all that they’re able to do now using Nimble Communities. One of their plans is to add more content to make the community the go-to place for information and networking for their industry.

    Learn more about how ACerS expanded their member engagement using Nimble Communities

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