Five tech solutions to boost your ROI and enhance your software environment

Has your association experienced any of these challenges? Your employees are struggling to leverage your current software environment, leading to redundant processes and less time spent on reaching your goals. You want to offer tangible membership benefits, but your platforms don’t sync, leading to data silos and a frustrating staff and member experience. 
It’s time to rethink your organization’s technology! Investing in modern software can help remedy these challenges and more. With effective data utilization, enhanced member experiences, premiere learning and career programs, you can launch your organization into the future. 
Read our blog for five crucial technology solutions every association should include in its software environment.  

What is a tech stack? 

A tech stack is a collection of software, tools, and technologies that work together to empower your organization to reach its goals. The tech stack or software environment, is a group of solutions that houses data, making it easy for communication between platforms. It’s vital to have a tech stack that syncs data and collaborates so you can support your staff and members, by offering an excellent user experience and increasing organizational efficiencies.  
Community Brands research found that the majority of association professionals and members agree: organizations must transform technologically to survive. As association leaders make plans to invest in new technology, 59% see upgrading and/or integrating new technology as a top priority. More than half say their top technology priority is the ability to impact the member experience.  

What tech solutions should you include in your association’s software environment?  

Some software environments are better optimized than others. So, what is the state of your tech stack? 

If your association is looking to optimize your software environment, here are five must-have software solutions:

1. Association management software (AMS)

Your AMS is the heart of your association’s software environment. Ensure the heart of your tech stack is healthy so you can meet your strategic goals, exceed member expectations, and recruit and retain staff.

2. Learning management software (LMS)

The latest Community Brands Association Trends Research reports that 77% of members and 85% of association professionals agree: professional membership organizations must innovate, or they run the risk of no longer being a go-to source for professional development.

Are you leveraging an innovative LMS? Find an LMS that adds member value and advances your learning program.

3. Career services

According to industry research, nearly 50% of association members want help with career advancement, seeking an abundance of career resources. Specifically, members want career insights and peer data, resume review services, a job board, career paths, career advice articles, career coaches, and more.

Choosing the right career management software will help you offer these services and empower your members throughout their careers.

4. Event solutions

Embrace event technology today for future event success. The latest Community Brands Event Trends Study found that technology is playing a role in revitalizing the events industry. Organizations that are early adopters of technology report stronger growth in almost every area of event execution – such as number of attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and abstract submissions. Tech-savvy organizations can, and will, transform the event experience.

There are a variety of event solutions to boost the attendee experience and drive engagement. Consider event tech that offers the following: 

  • Event mobile app 
  • Streamlined registration 
  • User-friendly badging 
  • Easy on-site check in 
  • Speaker/abstract management 
  • Exhibitor management 
  • Year-long engagement   

5. Online community 

From the member perspective, email and online community are the top ways they engage with their organization and their top preferred engagement channels. Nearly half of association members have used their organization’s online community. Those who have used it report higher loyalty metrics, reporting a strong sense of community (52%) versus those who don’t (20%).

Increase opportunities for member engagement when you invest in an online community platform. Provide vital member benefits like socialization, networking, and personalized, valuable content when you choose an innovative solution to integrate with the rest of your software environment.

TECH TIP: Elevate your software environment with Nimble AMS’ integrated online community platform, Nimble Communities, to boost member engagement at your association. Provide personalized content feeds, tailored discussions, and badges to customize the member experience and drive retention and loyalty.

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