Five tech solutions to boost your ROI and enhance your software environment

Spring has sprung! Looking for strategies to boost your ROI, save time, and enhance your member experience? Or maybe you’ve noticed some of your employees struggling to leverage tech in your current software environment. 
Investing in modern software can help remedy any of these challenges. When you nurture the seeds of innovative technology in your organization, you’ll be amazed at how quickly it grows. 
Read our blog for five crucial technology solutions every association should include in its software environment.  

What tech solutions should you include in your association’s software environment?   

Every organization has a software environment, a group of tech solutions that houses data, making it easy for communication between platforms. Some software environments are better optimized than others. So, what is the state of your tech stack? 

If your association is looking to optimize your software environment, here are five must-have software solutions: 

  1. Association management software (AMS). Your AMS is the heart of your association’s software environment. Ensure the heart of your tech stack is healthy so you can meet your strategic goals, exceed member expectations, and recruit and retain staff.
  2. Learning management software (LMS). Community Brands Association Trends Research reports that 47% of members value certifications and credentials, and 44% value training opportunities. Is your LMS adding member value and keeping up with your learning program?
  3. Career services. According to industry research, the first reason members join associations is for networking purposes, the second is for job opportunities, and the fourth is for career advancement. Job opportunities and career advancement are especially strong motivators for early and mid-careerists. Plan to invest in career software because you’re investing in your association’s future.
  4. Event solutions. Is your event tech flexible? According to the Expo Logic Return to In-Person Event Survey, research shows 86% of respondents plan on returning to in-person events in 2023. 60.3% of event planners will host in-person events, 36.9% will offer hybrid options, and 2.8% will offer virtual events. Look for event solutions that offer a mix of these mediums while maximizing attendee engagement.
  5. Online community. Increase opportunities for member engagement when you invest in an online community platform. Provide vital member benefits like socialization, networking, and personalized, valuable content when you choose an innovative solution to integrate with the rest of your software environment.

TECH TIP: Elevate your software environment with Nimble AMS’ integrated online community platform, Nimble Communities, to boost member engagement at your association. Provide personalized content feeds, tailored discussion, and badges to customize the member experience and drive retention and loyalty.

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