Future-proofing your association with 108 ideaspace and Nimble AMS

Nimble AMS is proud to announce our partnership with 108 ideaspace. For over 25 years, 108 ideaspace has assisted associations, non-profits, and charitable organizations in their digital transformation.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with 108 ideaspace, a leading certified Salesforce implementation partner in Canada, focusing on the association and nonprofit markets” says Tim Burke, Sr. Director of Enterprise Sales & Alliances. “108 ideaspace will be an integral part of extending our footprint throughout North America.” 

The Nimble AMS Team sat down with Ashish Malik, CEO of 108 ideaspace, to get his take on our new partnership:  

Why are we forming this innovative partnership between Nimble AMS and 108 ideaspace?

Ashish: Nimble AMS and [108 ideaspace] share a common worldview and vision of innovative associations of the future and what is required to be among the foremost. Empowering associations to focus on what they do best — serving their members — is 108 ideaspace’s calling card.  By highlighting the transformative capabilities of integrated solutions such as Salesforce and Nimble AMS, 108 ideaspace places associations on a dynamic and astute path.
We are experts at helping associations identify technology approaches, which readies the organization for its future state.  And with our decades of experience, we offer key insights and nuisances into the workings of Canadian associations and can articulate them into an industry-ready association management software RFP. Nimble AMS can then leverage these insights to create better software outcomes for Canadian associations.

“Once implemented, Nimble AMS would be the last AMS an association will ever need.”

What attracts 108 ideaspace to Nimble AMS and Salesforce?

Ashish: 108 ideaspace has been working with different AMS solutions for the last decade. We discovered that most AMS platforms will eventually fall behind the ever-changing technology and fail to keep their promises. While a lot of AMS systems have caught up now, we know that the only thing constant in the world of systems and technology is change.

While Salesforce is an amazing CRM, it is not an AMS and there was a need to build the association’s best practices on top of the framework. With Nimble AMS, all those best practices are built and baked into the platform itself.

We also like the fact that Nimble is built on a robust code base and their updates schedule matches that of Salesforce. What that means is all clients are on one version. This is quite powerful and the only way to ensure seamless upgrades.

“We have seen other AMS systems where different clients are on different versions of the software and that is a recipe for disaster.”

What does 108 ideaspace like about Nimble AMS and Community Brands?

Ashish: Community Brands’ philosophy and vision are very much aligned with that of 108 ideaspace. We both live and breathe associations. Additionally, Community Brands excels at integration, offering a suite of software solutions including AMS options like Nimble AMS, as well as events, careers, and learning management software.

“Nimble AMS is a best-in-class product for associations built on Salesforce.”

What is your personal connection to associations?

Ashish: I have been serving associations professionally for over a decade. I have also been an association volunteer, whether it be at events, programs, or serving on the board. Separately, I am also a member of associations, so I understand intimately the results of association decisions when it comes to their AMS and member engagement.

“What I really love is working with other people in the association sector, clients, board members, and regular members who also have the same passion. It’s the people.”

What is the benefit of associations working with Nimble AMS and 108 ideaspace? 

Ashish: Every association is unique and therefore every solution can’t be cookie cutter. With Nimble and 108, associations can maximize their investment in Salesforce. 

One of our philosophies is that while the tools make it possible, people make it happen. With this partnership, our team is going to work with associations to make it happen. The training, the support, the strategy right at the very beginning, the customization. The partnership focuses on helping member-based organizations succeed. 

“We are all familiar with the power of the Nimble AMS Tech-stack, be it memberships, be it retention, or simply member engagement, Nimble AMS never fails to communicate member value.”

Reunite with Nimble AMS and 108 ideaspace at CSAE 2022

We’re so excited to work together and see what Nimble AMS and 108 ideaspace will accomplish in the future! Join us at CSAE 2022 to discuss the benefits of partnering with us, learn more about industry trends, and reconnect with your peers.

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