What does digital transformation even mean?

Associations and member-based organizations worldwide are rapidly adopting digital solutions. Technology can simplify daily procedures, from boosting productivity to streamlining manual processes. Organizations continue to invest in software and other digital solutions as new developments occur. 

This rapid change to digitization is also called digital transformation. The specifics of digital transformation can vary depending on an association’s needs. 

Read on to learn more about digital transformation and how it impacts associations. 

What is digital transformation? 

Digital transformation is the process of implementing digital solutions to transform current procedures. Overall, it refers to the comprehensive switch from manual processes to digital ones.  

Adopting innovative technology can streamline staff tasks, improve member experiences and help you meet current market demands. It also allows your association to rethink its connection with members and stakeholders. Digital solutions make connecting with organization members and the larger digital landscape easier. As associations progress their goals in innovative ways, they can become more successful.

Association digitization vs. digitalization
While digitization and digitalization are similar, they have some key differences: 

  • Digitalization: This term refers to the overall procedure of transferring to digital processes.
  • Digitization: This term describes the specific process of transforming analog information into a digital format. Digitization changes analog data into a code that computers understand so they can encode and store it. 

Digitization often occurs during digitalization processes. For example, a digital transformation could be restructuring your association’s manual operations into digital applications. Within that transformation, digitization might involve scanning a physical sheet of paper into a computer.

What does digital transformation mean for associations? 

For associations, the digital transformation trend is growing worldwide. An organization’s digital transformation allows it to reimagine its member relationships and can also assist with member engagement.  

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many associations transformed their member communications and interactions into virtual formats. Digital strategies allow associations to work more efficiently, deliver a better member experience, and create innovative responses to modern challenges. 

Associations’ digital transformations continue to grow in popularity because they can increase organizational success. Enacting digital solutions can bring benefits like: 

  • Meeting digital demands: As technology continues to expand into our everyday lives, the need for digital solutions grows. Your members are used to having a world’s worth of information just a few clicks away. Implementing digital solutions lets you keep up with digital trends, presenting your association as a leader in your industry.
  • Enhance member experience: Associations can invest in a wide range of digital technologies to upgrade their processes. These technologies offer ways to improve the member experience, from streamlining manual procedures to upgrading communication methods. Many software options provide detailed analytic reports that let you analyze your members’ engagement levels to craft new ways to enhance their experiences. Accessible technology can also boost member ease of use and make e-commerce convenient and personalized.
  • Streamline daily processes: Digital solutions can boost your association’s efficiency. Staff can leverage software to automate messages, automatically update member directories, and organize data. In turn, association leaders can focus more on higher-priority tasks. 

The success of an association’s digital transformation will depend on the technology in which it invests, and the processes it wants to transform.

2023 Association digital transformation 

With every new year, technology continues to advance. A 2023 association digital transformation looks different than years past due to the progression of technology.  

Here are a few current digital trends for associations in 2023: 

  • Advanced analytics: As you already know, member engagement is crucial for retaining members. Many associations have turned to association management software (AMS) advanced data features to help engage their members. Technological advances in 2023 will allow organizations to view member data and analyze it for optimization. In turn, associations can adjust current strategies to better meet their members’ interests.
  • Increased focus on security: Increases in data breaches and cyberattacks will cause many organizations to boost security methods in 2023. They might invest in security software or cybersecurity training for staff and members to help keep data safe.
  • Automation: In 2023, associations will continue to choose technology that automates manual processes. Digital process automation can boost staff efficiency and allow your association to maintain contact with members easily. 

In 2023, associations will continue transforming digitally to meet current member needs and increase staff efficiency. 

How can Nimble AMS help your association with digital transformation? 

Nimble AMS can help with your association’s process management innovation, letting you change or create new processes to adapt to developing industry needs. Nimble AMS provides high-quality and comprehensive digital solutions for organizations to boost staff productivity, improve the member experience, and assist you in reaching your goals faster.  

How can Nimble AMS help your association with digital transformation? 

Nimble AMS can help with your association’s process management innovation, letting you change or create new processes to adapt to developing industry needs. Nimble AMS provides high-quality and comprehensive digital solutions for organizations to boost staff productivity, improve the member experience, and assist you in reaching your goals faster.  

1. Automated processes
Nimble AMS allows your staff to save valuable time by automating complex business processes. Your team can set up automated processes in a few simple ways.

For example, you can simplify procedures like answering common questions or renewing a membership with a virtual chatbot. These bots are available 24/7 and allow your employees to focus on other tasks. Chatbots can intercept and answer more straightforward questions and pass the more complex inquiries to your staff. Your employee can then take the needed time to assist your member and ensure a great experience.

Nimble AMS also allows you to automate processes like manual data entry. The software can automatically update member profiles or send out event reminders, allowing staff to get in touch with members more easily.

2. Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics
With Nimble AMS, you can use artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics to predict member behavior. For example, you could predict which members are at the highest risk of non-renewal and communicate with them to reengage before they leave. 

The Marine Corps Association & Foundation (MCA&F) is one example of an association that leveraged Nimble AMS, AI, and predictive analytics. MCA&F was experiencing a loss in interest from nearly one thousand members per month and used the Nimble AMS Prediction Builder to help. With Nimble AMS, MCA&F increased member renewals by 25%. They also cut time spent on dues processing, reporting, and analytics in half.

3. Online member community
Nimble AMS also offers Nimble Communities, which allows you to easily set up and host a branded online member community. These digital homes enable your association to connect and collaborate more deeply with members. 

Choosing an innovative online platform like Nimble Communities will help you become a member-centric association. Drive engagement, boost retention, and attract new members with personalized content feeds and a fresh, mobile experience.

4. Continuous delivery
With three yearly software updates, Nimble AMS provides continuous delivery that always includes and supports the latest features. It also features a framework-first approach that ensures the software can adapt to your professional association’s innovation culture. 

These aspects of Nimble AMS make it one of the best systems available to prepare your organization for digital transformation.

With Nimble AMS, you can provide your members with a future-focused experience. We are dedicated to providing associations with high-quality solutions that meet staff and member needs. Our wide range of product features and integration capabilities make us a leading option in the software market.

Start your digital transformation today with Nimble AMS

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