How to build a culture of inclusivity at your organization with Nimble AMS and Salesforce

Are you ready to stay up to date on organizational trends as you build a culture of inclusiveness for your members and stakeholders? Salesforce and Nimble AMS believe in leveraging technology to transform the world. And that transformation begins at your association. 

Recently, Salesforce announced a product enhancement, empowering organizations to be more inclusive in how they collect, utilize, and manage data. With the latest update, organizations can leverage new data fields for a member’s gender identity and/or pronouns. These new data fields on the Person Account object can easily be utilized in Nimble AMS when your organization chooses to.  

We’re here to offer even more technological strategies as you promote inclusivity in your organization. Read our blog to get started.

Four tips to promote inclusivity by leveraging Nimble AMS and Salesforce

Inclusivity matters—you want your members to feel represented in your organization. Ensure all your members’ voices are heard when you follow these tips: 

1. Use inclusive verbiage. Include inclusive verbiage in your member communications, across your website, and in member agreements to ensure that all your members feel represented. You might consider hiring an outside reader or editor to scour your website, member communications, and agreements to ensure you’ve successfully used inclusive language across all important documents.

Try conducting routine surveys about your inclusivity efforts to see how your members think you’re doing. To ensure your members feel heard across your entire organization, report on the results in member town halls and share how you plan to make changes. 

TECH TIP: Guarantee your technological reach goes farther with Nimble AMS and the Salesforce AppExchange. You’ll have access to over 7,000 apps to find the best survey tool for your organization, so you can ensure you’re truly representing your members’ voices.

2. Leverage your online community platform. Use your online community to promote your inclusivity initiatives and connect with any members interested in programming. Consider creating a subgroup dedicated to these initiatives so members can learn more about inclusivity programming at your organization  
Use your online community to connect members from different backgrounds, locations, work experiences, and viewpoints. Encourage them to come together to share their viewpoints, dialogue, and learn from each other.  

TECH TIP: Choose Nimble AMS and its built-in online community platform, Nimble Communities, to elevate member engagement and inclusivity initiatives at your association. With Nimble AMS and Nimble Communities, you’ll never need an additional vendor or integration to drive valuable member connections or gain vital insights.

3. Accessibility in your member portal. As you seek to build a culture of inclusivity at your association, your members will need to feel represented. Ensure your organization’s member portal has accessible options.
Look for technology that prioritizes accessibility, including the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Examples of WCAG compliance include alternative text for images, sufficient color contrast, resizable test, and keyboard accessibility. When your association is compliant with WCAG, you can improve member engagement, boosting your entire membership experience.  

TECH TIP: Choose Nimble AMS because it prioritizes WCAG compliance. Create a more inclusive community and drive deeper engagement when you leverage Nimble AMS and eliminate web accessibility barriers.

4. Promote inclusive events. For your next annual conference, take steps to ensure it is inclusive for all members. Use your association management software (AMS) to communicate necessary details about the venue, like the location of accessible parking spaces, the elevator, or ramp access. You’ll also want to offer ADAaccessible considerations for your members, ensuring each event room has ADA seating requirements available.  
As members sign up for the event, have them select their preferred pronouns. All members can decide if they want to include their pronouns on their event badge, or if they would prefer to leave this information blank.  

TECH TIP: Modernize your entire event registration process with Nimble AMS. Staff can customize the registration experience, streamlining the process for members, and helping them manage future conferences and webinars.

Discover more ways Nimble AMS can empower your organization

Your association is on track to building its culture of inclusivity and ensuring its member voices are heard. Learn even more ways to foster a healthy member journey when you check out our infographic: Seven ways to lead a more member-centric association.

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