How Nimble AMS empowers Salesforce administrators

You already know that Nimble AMS is for innovative associations looking to blaze technological trails and offer the best member benefits. The association management software (AMS) leverages artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and automation to assist your staff as they increase efficiency, become data-driven, and improve the member experience. 
But did you know that Nimble AMS was built to empower Salesforce administrators? “There’s so much for admins in Nimble AMS because of how Salesforce leverages solutions like clicks-not-codes, drag-and-drop widgets, the AppExchange, and Flows,” says Scott Sales, Salesforce Certified Administrator (SCA).
Nimble AMS empowers the role of the Salesforce administrator, allowing admins to streamline any task, and work more efficiently and easily. Admins from any association can use Nimble AMS to drive lasting organizational change. Here’s how to get started.  

Six features of Nimble AMS that will inspire Salesforce administrators

Nimble AMS is built on the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce. With the powerful combination of Nimble AMS and Salesforce, rest assured admins, you’ll be able to address any need in your organization.  
Here are six tools that will help you get the job done: 

1. Pointandclick. Salesforce administrators love Nimble AMS because it’s so simple to use. With Nimble AMS you can build a report and dashboard through pointandclick actions, within a matter of minutes. Creating objects or new fields and making changes based on your association’s needs is simplified through clicksnotcode. Salesforce admins can build branded, personalized, and informationrich content, with the click of their mouse, to inspire an amazing member experience.  

“We’re so used to being able to create reports, objects, fields, and more with just clicks and zero development effort, that sometimes we take the ease of use with Nimble AMS for granted. End-users of other AMS’ don’t have this luxury, unfortunately. Tasks that take them hours or even days in a legacy AMS can be accomplished in Nimble AMS with a much lower level of effort,” says Logan Heaney, Salesforce Certified Administrator (SCA).

2. Salesforce AppExchange. Salesforce admins feel empowered by Nimble AMS because it’s built on Salesforce and is part of the robust Salesforce ecosystem. One aspect admins love about Nimble AMS is that the software is connected to the Salesforce AppExchange, a store with more than 7,000 apps that extend the functionality of Nimble AMS and Salesforce.

Administrators can search for the best app to meet their association’s needs and further the reach of Nimble AMS. Whether you need a powerful survey solution like Survey Monkey or a secure documentation tool like Adobe Sign, Salesforce AppExchange has admins covered.

3. Salesforce Flows. Flows are a vital tool for any Salesforce administrator. With the Flow Builder tool, admins can address any association issue and quickly create an automation. Clicks-not-code empowers admins yet again to build a flow and target any organizational problem. Flows are so powerful because they run in the background, streamlining staff processes and improving association efficiencies. Whether you need to build a new form, create a member notification, or update a record, flows are your new answer. 

“Flows are everything,” says Heaney. “They alleviate a lot of manual processes, common issues, or mistakes. Flows are the best friend of admins.”

4. Permission tools. Salesforce admins can rest assured that security is a priority for Nimble AMS. Nimble AMS provides robust permission tools for admins to manage who has access to all member records. You can control who accesses what information through clicks-not-code, controlling who edits or shares specific data by creating staff user profiles.

Nimble AMS simplifies permission tools through point-and-click solutions but keeps your association data secure by limiting access to admins only.

5. Salesforce sandbox. With Nimble AMS, each association gets access to one free Salesforce sandbox, a like-for-like version of your product, so admins can test new operations before making any changes. Utilizing the Salesforce sandbox is a fantastic way to check configurations and integrations before launching them for your entire association. If you’re happy with your change, you can push the adjustment to production, directly from your sandbox. 

Sandboxes are also a great educational tool. Administrators can use Salesforce sandboxes to train new hires, helping them to learn how to use Nimble AMS in their first weeks on the job.

“A differentiator with Nimble AMS, is that we provide our clients with a full Sandbox, a replica of their production org including data and metadata for a true testing environment,” Heaney says.

6. Nimble AMS myTrailhead. Salesforce admins feel empowered by Nimble AMS because of the countless resources and training opportunities for admins to upskill. One example is the Nimble AMS myTrailhead. Using myTrailhead, admins and association staff can upskill on Nimble AMS, ensuring you get the most out of your software investment.  
Your organization can also adopt myTrailhead for your own learning purposes. Like the Salesforce Trailhead, myTrailhead lets admins customize the environment with their own branding and content. You can use point-and-click tools to create learning paths for different users—staff, members, or key stakeholders.  

Learn more about the winning combination of Nimble AMS and Salesforce

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