How to promote your new AMS purchase

Congratulations—your organization just purchased new association management software (AMS)! What an exciting time for your staff, members, and key stakeholders.  
But how do you tell everyone about your major AMS investment? We’re here to guide you through the process! 

Three strategies to promote your new AMS purchase  

Are you ready to get staff, members, and key association stakeholders excited about your new AMS? A new AMS can build enthusiasm by greatly increasing the staff and member experience.  
When it’s time to share the good news of your new technology investment, consider the following strategies:

  1. Share why you bought your new AMS. After you’ve purchased your new technology, you’ll want to share the goals of the AMS project and the expected outcomes for your organization and your members. When you provide your organizational priorities to members and key stakeholders, you can more effectively communicate why you selected your AMS.
  2. Share key member perks. When it comes to your new AMS, there are many benefits for your members like an online community platform, simple member login, modern e-commerce options, and more. Listing these exciting new benefits can be a highly successful strategy when it’s time to communicate a new technology purchase to members and discuss plans to train members on new software processes.
  3. Share your AMS news for the world to see. Where should you spread your news? Ensure you hit the following important spaces when sharing you’ve purchased a new AMS:
    • Social media. Share consistent messaging across all social media platforms so members know exactly what to expect with your new AMS. Consider listing the top three member perks to generate interest in your new technology.
    • Website. On your organization’s website, dive a bit deeper into your plans to train members on new software processes and consider linking to in-depth technology walkthroughs, so your members will be prepared to navigate the AMS after implementation. Deliver more information on member benefits and how the technology will improve the entire member experience.
    • Member login portal. In your virtual member portal, ensure you provide detailed information on why you’ve updated your AMS, including goals and expected outcomes. Additionally, consider posting a message in your member portal about the member benefits of your new AMS. When you list your new software’s member resources, you’ll promote excitement for new benefits like an online community platform or AI to improve the overall member experience.
    • Online community platform. Share your exciting technology news with the members of your online community. Conduct a Q&A session to boost organizational transparency about your purchase decision and explain how the AMS will improve the member experience. Provide in-depth walkthroughs so members can learn to navigate the new AMS after implementation.
    • Member newsletters. For less tech-savvy members, ensure you share news of your new AMS in your member newsletters. Provide a concise summary of why you purchased the software and how it will improve the member experience. Encourage any members with questions to call or email staff support.
    • Anywhere else that’s important. Does your organization sponsor volunteer activities or advocacy efforts? Does your association have career services or a learning program? Be sure to update any facet of your association affected by your AMS implementation with information about your new software. 

Discover more ways to thrive with your new AMS

Now it’s time to throw a party! Buying new association management software deserves to be celebrated because you’re preparing your organization for a future of success.

Are you in the market for a new AMS?

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