Six signs your association is ready for a new AMS

Does the following situation sound familiar? When you first purchased your software solution, it helped you reach your organizational goals. But now between alarming data silos, slow staff processes, and concerning member pain points, it seems like your association management software (AMS) is no longer doing its job.

If the scenario above is relatable, it might be time to update your AMS. The Community Brands Association Trends Study solidifies the imperative for digital transformation, reporting that 63% of members and 65% of association professionals agree—their organization needs to transform technologically within the next few years or risk not surviving. 

If you believe it’s time for your association to update its software solution, here’s how to get started: 

Signs it’s time for a new AMS

You’ll know it’s time to update your system when you see at least one of these signs at your organization: 

1. Not reaching current goals. Is your association hitting its current organizational goals with the assistance of your AMS? If not, it’s likely time to upgrade your system. 

Rather than holding your organization back with inaccurate or incomplete data, your AMS should support your organization by tracking valuable member engagement details. Choose an AMS that drives member connection through personalized email reminders and a vibrant online community platform.  

TECH TIP: With Nimble AMS’ online community platform, Nimble Communities, your association can drive member engagement and exceed your current goals. Build member retention and loyalty with Nimble Communities, all while providing a safe space for members to network and socialize.

2. Time-consuming staff processes. Do your employees invest too much time in manual processes like building reports or completing member support requests?

If so, it’s probably time to update your AMS. Look for a system with a user-friendly interface that offers point-and-click solutions for easy report building and the automation of manual processes. If possible, try to find software that provides an empowering member experience to eliminate staff support cases.   

TECH TIP: Leverage automation at your organization with the powerful combination of Nimble AMS and Salesforce Flows. Flows are easy to create with point-and-click actions, requiring no coding, and saving staff time to work on higher-value work.

3. Data silos. Has your association implemented multiple systems to achieve certain tasks? If so, your organization runs the risk of data silos, isolated pockets of data, that can become duplicated on more than one system. Without using software and solutions that seamlessly integrate, you can have a breakdown in reporting leading to inconsistent decision-making.

If your organization hasn’t yet invested in an AMS that can integrate seamlessly with your other platforms, now is the time. 

4. Member pain points. Have you ever felt your association is falling short of creating a supportive environment for members? You’re likely aware of the member pain points at your organization but might be uncertain about how to correct these issues. Perhaps members struggle to log in to the member portal and must call staff for password reset help.  

A modern AMS should empower your members with a user-friendly member interface. The software should offer a modern e-commerce experience with personalized shopping recommendations to drive non-dues revenue. Finally, your AMS should simplify member renewal by streamlining payment options.

TECH TIP: Support member pain points with modern software like Nimble AMS. With Nimble AMS’ Community Hub, the constituent-facing member portal, you can ensure a user-friendly member experience. In the Nimble AMS Lightning Store, you can offer a modern e-commerce experience for members with personalized shopping recommendations and streamline membership renewal with multiple PCI-compliant payment options.

5. Non-innovative solutions. Do you feel like your current system is keeping your association stuck in the past? 
You want your AMS to help your organization to grow, offering innovative features like automation, predictive analytics, AI, and continuous upgrades. These solutions will allow your association to exceed its goals, help staff become more efficient, and support member pain points. To become a competitive association within your industry, invest in an innovative AMS today.

TECH TIP: Improve the member experience and ensure your association continues to grow when you implement Nimble AMS Predictions. Using Nimble AMS Predictions will give you deep insights into your member data, helping you understand what actions you should take to reach your organizational goals.

6. Lack of opportunities for staff improvement. Did you know that 80% of employees, in a survey conducted by Forrester, said they’d remain in their current roles if they had technology training? Does your AMS offer product training or provide upskilling opportunities for employees?

If not, look for software that supports the technological training of all staff, as it helps with retention and recruitment efforts. Ultimately, choosing an AMS that prioritizes employee advancement creates a more data-driven culture at your organization.

TECH TIP: When you implement Nimble AMS’ MyTrailhead, boost technology and skills training initiatives at your organization. Employees can access engaging content with interactive assessments, gamification elements, self-paced learning, and sequenced learning paths.

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