What it’s like for associations to work with the Nimble AMS team


Mollie Cotroneo, Senior Consultant

March 29, 2021

When you choose new software to run your association, it’s natural to wonder what the experience will be like with the vendor. Will they understand your organization? Can they make the system do what you need it to do? Will they be pleasant to work with?

That’s why I’m writing this article.

As a member of the Nimble AMS consultant team, I help our new clients implement their new association management software (AMS) system. I know I might run the risk of sounding biased, but one of our team’s greatest attributes is that we truly partner with our customers to make them successful using our product.

Let’s get more specific.

Five key ways we partner with our customers

Digging in.

The way we see it, the more we learn about how your business works, the better we can figure out how to best configure the system for you. That’s why our consultants team gets to know you extremely well. We ask questions to understand the different teams in your organization, how they work, and how they need the AMS to function so they can do their jobs even better.

Building trust.

Not everyone has had a good experience with their software vendors or implementation projects in the past. We get that, and we work to gain your trust. It’s important to us that you see that:

  • We know what we’re doing.
  • We care about your business and how you do things.
  • We don’t want to just help you do things the same old way in a new AMS — We want to help you find ways to incorporate best practices into your new system to improve your processes.

By the end of the implementation, you will have the tools you need to be self-sufficient with your new AMS system and feel comfortable moving on to work with the customer success team to get any answers and support you might need in the future.

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Communicating clearly and honestly.

Putting ourselves in your shoes, we know that clear and honest communication is important. That’s why we work as a true partner that gives you the full picture of the implementation project and sets expectations appropriately.

For example, if we know that something will be difficult to implement and/or cost a lot of money to implement, we’ll tell you. We’ll also offer options that can help you accomplish the same goals more efficiently.


We understand that you (and others at your organization) might not know about all that Nimble AMS and the Salesforce platform can do. (They can do so much!) So, we work to educate you about the technology so you can thoroughly understand the solutions we propose.

Our goal is never to force a solution on you, but to propose solutions and help you understand how they work and why they might be the best options.

Having fun.

We always want to get the job done and do it well. But, we’re all people, and we’re working closely with you. We should all enjoy working together.

Even if it means just taking a few minutes at the beginning of each meeting to share a personal story or meet your new pet, we take time to get to know you. And we hope you’ll want to get to know us, too.

To the Nimble AMS team, customer success means caring about what you are trying to accomplish and helping to produce the results you expect. We’re committed to understanding what success means to you and working together as partners to reach those goals.

Want to learn more about how Nimble AMS helps our customers? Take a look at the Nimble AMS Client Support page.

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