Keep your staff collaborating (even remotely) with Nimble AMS

Help your staff work efficiently, no matter where they’re located.

Here’s how associations can use Nimble AMS and Salesforce platform functionality to keep staff working together, even when they’re apart.

You’ve probably read a lot lately about moving to a remote workforce. Many companies sent their staff to work from home over the past few months – even if they were not prepared to do so. And there’s been no shortage of articles with tips on how to work remotely.

But well before this year, the topic of collaborating remotely has been near and dear to the Nimble AMS team’s heart. Why? Because Nimble AMS, built on the Salesforce platform, has always been ready to support remote collaboration.

Here are a few examples of how associations can use Nimble AMS and Salesforce platform functionality to keep staff working together, even when they’re in different locations.

Communicate and stay on top of important updates

Using Nimble AMS, your association can use Salesforce Chatter functionality, which facilitates collaboration among your staff. With Chatter, employees can “follow” people and documents to collaborate on opportunities, service cases, campaigns, projects, and tasks.

So, just as you might comment on someone’s photo in your Facebook feed, you can comment on the status of an event registration record. Or, just as you would read through your status feeds, you can read what your co-workers are working on, realize that you have something to add, and join in the conversation.

Free up staff time

Through Nimble AMS, your organization can use Salesforce Process Builder to automate complex business processes, saving valuable staff time. Without code, you can identify process criteria and automatically update or create new records, emails, and tasks or submit approval requests in a few simple steps. That means your entire organization can work more efficiently and spend more time on delivering a great member experience – even when they aren’t in the same office.

Schedule automatic reports

There’s no need to have someone on your team run reports and manually email them to various staff members. Using Nimble AMS, you can set up reports to run and automatically send via email to individuals or teams on a recurring basis. This keeps your staff in the know while saving valuable time.

Go mobile

As a cloud-based association management software (AMS) system, Nimble AMS gives your employees access to important member data and processes remotely from any device. No matter where your staff may be – on their laptop in their home office or on their mobile device at their kitchen table, they can access the data they need to do their work.

On the flip side, members can engage with your organization – doing things like paying dues and updating their member profile from their mobile devices.

Today, your staff might be working from home. Tomorrow, some might be in the office. At other times, some might be working from the road. With Nimble AMS, your staff can be prepared to collaborate, no matter where they are.

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