“Legos” for your Association Management Software: A Framework First Approach

Your association must keep pace with the rapidly changing business world around you to remain relevant and effective in the eyes of your members. At the same time, you need association management software (AMS) that can adapt to meet your evolving needs.

That’s why we build Nimble AMS with what we call a “Framework First” approach: the philosophy that the product will need to be configured in countless ways that we can’t imagine at the time we build it. Using this approach, we make the product as adaptable as possible to meet your association’s needs today and as your organization evolves. We also make it easy for just about anyone to create new functionality with clicks, not code.

It’s like building with Legos.

Think of it as if the Nimble AMS development team built a set of Lego blocks and initially put them together to form the product’s baseline features. Those same blocks can then be re-configured by non-developers to form completely new product features. These “Legos” allow our partners to implement Nimble AMS for our clients and then easily build additional functionality for each organization – so each association has the solution needed to support the way they work, even as they change to stay current with business conditions.

The result is like moving beyond a pre-fabricated house that cannot be modified to a house in which you can decide the size and location of the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms now, and build extensions onto the house in the future as your needs grow and evolve. Or, like today’s smart phones, on which you can install and uninstall apps at any time to meet your exact needs.

Our framework first approach comes down to a mindset around flexibility and making things as easy as possible for your organization’s future self – removing as many barriers as possible to creating an AMS solution that meets your unique needs today and down the road.

Learn more about why Nimble AMS is the most in-demand AMS built on the Salesforce CRM platform.

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