Future-proof your organization with innovative AI + BI tools

Community Brands research has found both association professionals and members agree that the time for transformation is now. 63% of members say if associations don’t transform technologically within the next few years they won’t survive.

So how can your organization prepare for its digital transformation? At the core of every effective transformation is data. If you leverage the right Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Business Intelligence (BI) tools, you can prepare your data to launch your digital transformation.  

Ready to future-proof your association? Read our blog to discover helpful strategies and the best AI + BI technology for your organization.

What is Nimble Intelligence? 

Nimble Intelligence is a new AI + BI powered association analytics solution that enhances the standard Nimble AMS reporting capabilities. When you use Nimble Intelligence, your organization will have the power to leverage powerful AI and BI insights to drive member engagement, grow revenue, exceed your goals, and more.  

How is Nimble Intelligence different from Nimble AMS standard reports and dashboards?

With Nimble AMS you currently get hundreds of pre-built, association-specific queries, reports, and dashboards. These powerful reports and personalized dashboards are presented in a unified view with orgs and individuals in one report. Using Nimble Create, you can also build personalized customer facing reports.

Using Nimble Intelligence will make your organization proactive. Because Nimble Intelligence offers greater processing power, you’ll gain speedy data insights, equipping your association to make decisions, hit deadlines, and reach your goals.

Here’s what Nimble Intelligence offers organizations:  

  • 29% faster time to business insights 
  • 28% increase in productivity 
  • 26% decrease in time required to analyze data 
  • 25% increase in close rate   

(Average success metrics according to Salesforce)

4 ways Nimble Intelligence helps future-proof your association

Now that you understand the differences between Nimble AMS’s current reports and dashboards functionality and the new AI + BI capabilities of Nimble Intelligence, it’s time to unpack how Nimble Intelligence can empower your organization.

Here are the top four ways Nimble Intelligence can future-proof your association:

1. Events

Ready to level up your events with the power of AI + BI? Using Nimble Intelligence pre-built dashboards, you can easily visualize your events data, helping you track and analyze your records by different event types or registration information.

Nimble Intelligence uses a variety of widgets and tracking options that change based on the results of the other graphs. All graphs used in Nimble Intelligence offer a further breakdown of your specific events goals, outlining your KPIs, and more.

2. Donations

Gain valuable insights into your fundraising initiatives with the power of Nimble Intelligence. When you use the Nimble Intelligence dashboards, you’ll have visual indicators of what you should expect for your fundraising goals, helping you discern if you’re on track to hit your current campaign.

With a variety of revenue and tracking options, you’ll increase staff efficiency and stay focused on hitting your fundraising KPIs.

3. Predictions

Leverage Nimble Intelligence + Nimble Predictions to anticipate your member behavior and get in front of issues before they happen. Using a data set, you can predict a potential outcome.

For example, maybe you are wondering about an appropriate donation based on past member behavior. Nimble Intelligence + Nimble Predictions can recommend a specific donation all through clicks-not-code. You don’t need to be a data scientist to use this data model set.

4. Member engagement

To drive member engagement, you can use Nimble Intelligence to grant insight into how your members engage with your organization. You can configure analytics specific to your organization to show how many events they’ve registered for, how many continuing education courses they’ve taken, and you can even suggest courses they might be interested in taking.  
You can also display an overall member engagement score, showing the health of a member and predicting whether they risk lapsing from your organization. This tool specifically helps your staff take steps to prevent lapsed membership.

Nimble AMS + AI + Analytics = Nimble Intelligence

Are you ready to gain powerful insights to empower your entire organization? Nimble Intelligence, an Artificial Intelligence-powered association analytics solution, enhances standard reporting capabilities and unlocks actionable insights to help you drive member engagement, grow revenue, reach your goals, and more.


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