Nimble AMS Summer ‘16 is Here!


For Nimble AMS, summer means so much more than beach towels and finding the perfect tan. It’s one of the three times a year we release new features to all Nimble AMS customers. We are excited to rollout these enhancements and improvements:

  • My Orders For Companies Individuals identified as company managers will be able to not only see their outstanding balances but they will also be able to see the outstanding balances for their parent company.
  • Bill Me Constituents now have the ability to bypass the immediate credit card payment when checking out in Community Hub and, instead, select a “bill me” option to defer payment until a later date. This feature is also known as either “invoice me” or “purchase order”. Staff can configure when the “bill me” feature will be available, even all the way down to the order type and or product levels.
  • Edit Registrations Edit Registration allows Community Hub users to edit registrations they have made for themselves or others. It also allows the person who was registered to edit their own registration regardless of who made it. Users can edit registrations from the My Registrations page or the Event Details page. Users can edit badge information directly on the My Registrations page without having to go through the edit process. Users can also change their question answers for events with questions on the My Registrations page.
  • Cancel Registrations With the Summer ’16 release, we now provide the ability for Community Hub users to cancel event registrations. Staff members can create cancellation fee products which can be either flat or percentage-based fees, and include the ability to set date ranges for those fees giving you the ability to set multiple cancellation fees based on the time ranges from the event dates and process refunds directly through Community Hub as long as the initial purchase was made via credit card.
  • Authorized Email Domains The Authorized Email Domain(s) feature in Community Hub provides a validation layer when individuals are self-affiliating with a parent company. Association staff and constituent company managers can define one or many email domains supported by that constituent company. When individuals attempt to “Join a Company” in Community Hub, they will be allowed to ONLY if their account has one of those valid email domains.
  • External Authentication Providers The Social Sign On feature in Community Hub streamlines and simplifies a constituent’s experience with the association’s website by making it as easy as possible to login and create accounts. We have leveraged the social sign on framework provided by the Salesforce platform for easy integrations with the most popular social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and more. Once the constituent has authenticated their account with a social network, the next time they visit your website they can login with the single click.
  • Point-and Click Pages Administrators and developers can now create Community Hub pages using page templates, custom headings, custom descriptions, cards, buttons, and filters; no coding needed. Now, creating Community Hub pages is completely point-and-click, allowing anyone to create a page for their constituents.

If you have any questions about the release or would like to learn more about the Pilot and Beta features being rolled out, please speak with your customer success manager! Please visit our Release Center for more information and resources for the Nimble AMS Summer ‘16 Release!

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