Stay cool with the Salesforce Summer ‘24 release highlights

The weather is starting to heat up across the US! If you’re anything like us, you’re making plans to stay cool this summer with an exciting vacation or trip to the beach.

Want something else to look forward to this summer? The Salesforce Summer ‘24 product release promises to offer increased efficiency and streamlined processes for your association.

Read our blog to learn more about how your organization can leverage the top features in the Salesforce Summer ‘24 product release.

3 Salesforce Summer ‘24 release highlights

Ready to maximize the power of Nimble AMS and Salesforce? Discover how the Salesforce Summer ‘24 product release can benefit your association.

Here are the three features we are excited about:

1. Enhanced security features with multi-factor authentication (MFA) improvements

Saleforce is an industry leader in keeping your association secure! With the Salesforce Summer ‘24 product release, multi-factor authentication (MFA) will now be turned on default, protecting your association users.

MFA is a helpful tool in protecting your association against cyberattacks and safeguarding your member data. Protecting your members’ data helps you provide a better member experience. With the latest Salesforce product release, your association can guard itself against cyberthreats.

2. Lightning App Builder optimizations

In the Salesforce Summer ‘24 product updates, you’ll see the ability to set conditional visibility for individual tabs in the Lightning App Builder. This empowers you to control when each tab of your app shows up – whether it’s different roles or scenarios. If certain information is only relevant to certain users or specific conditions are met, you can make sure only the right tabs are visible at the right time. This keeps any sensitive data safe and ensures proper visibility of your content.

You now have the ability to create rich text headings with no code, to make them more appealing and engaging. This allows for some creativity and personality within your webpages.

3. Salesforce Flows with AI

Exciting enhancements are coming to Salesforce Flows in the Salesforce Summer ‘24 release. Einstein Draft Flow, a generative AI tool, allows you to easily create workflows (documents like contracts, proposals, or reports) based on a step-by-step guided text prompt and suggested content based on previous documents.

It helps automate and streamline your document creation processes. This new feature provides you with an assistant (Einstein) to assemble professional documents without having to start from scratch each time.

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