Beat the heat with Nimble AMS Summer ‘24 release

It’s almost summertime, and that means two things—the weather is heating up fast, and our Nimble AMS Summer ‘24 product release is making waves! Beat the heat this summer with exciting new advancements for your staff and members.

Check out what Nimble AMS has in store for you this Summer ‘24!

Nimble Intelligence

According to Community Brands research, 55% of associations say investing in business intelligence and data analytics is a top priority. However, only 12% of organizations have invested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools today.

Stand apart from the competition by serving your members faster and delivering insights with an AI-powered analytics solution that enhances standard reporting. Nimble Intelligence is a new offering from Nimble AMS designed to help associations gain better insights into their data. When you use Nimble Intelligence, your team can work smarter and faster to visualize key metrics, monitor KPIs, and spot growth opportunities.

Leverage Nimble Intelligence for the following:

  • 29% faster business insights
  • 22% more productivity
  • 38% increase in decision making
  • 14% in sales conversion

With Nimble Intelligence, you can begin using our pre-built Donations or Events Dashboards today. Start driving more revenue to your fundraising or events causes with a new offering from Nimble Predictions, providing valuable insights through AI and enabling you to tailor and maximize your goals.

Experience Cloud Community Hub improvements

Ready to enhance the member experience in Nimble AMS member portal? Leverage the Experience Cloud Community Hub to drive deep member connections.

Here’s how the Summer ‘24 product release will help you upgrade the Experience Cloud Community Hub:

  • Campaign Code Tracking: Use our Campaign Code Tracking feature to track the effectiveness of your campaigns with codes embedded in your URLs. Automatically link a campaign code to an order as your members make purchases to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness and success of your marketing efforts.
  • One-Click Checkout: Save your members’ time and energy through a one-click checkout, allowing them to skip the checkout step for eligible purchases. Prioritize your members’ shopping convenience by eliminating unnecessary steps when buying free products, LMS courses, or complimentary events.
  • Guest Orders Mapping: Track and report on the activity of both your members and non-members when they make purchases as guests. Introducing the Guest Orders Mapping tool with a built-in capability to suggest existing account records as a possible match and help link multiple guest orders to account records right from the tool’s interface, thus giving insights into your member’s complete purchase activity.
  • Committees: Allow members to view their committee memberships and browse the member roster all from a modern, dynamic interface.
  • Dynamic Search and Filter: Improve your members’ ecommerce experience with an expanded search and filter tool, allowing them to search more fields and find more accurate results, faster in your store

Crowd Wisdom updates

Want to simplify your staff processes? With our latest Crowd Wisdom updates, you can automatically sync enrollment cancellations from Nimble AMS to Crowd Wisdom, removing a manual step from your staff’s workflow, streamlining the process.

Learn more

Are you ready to learn more about the Nimble AMS Summer ‘24 product release? Check out the release notes now!

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