Nimble AMS Summer ’18

The 19th Seasonal Release of Nimble AMS is one of our most exciting releases yet. Summer ’18 includes features that expand payment options, improve data privacy and protection, and expand the event management capabilities within Nimble AMS. We have also made several architectural improvements that pave the way for developers and admins to customize Nimble AMS to meet the unique needs of associations and their membership. ​

 BluePay – Community Brands Preferred Partner

We are excited to announce that in the Summer ’18 release we are now supporting the BluePay payment gateway. BluePay provides an extensive collection of out-of-the-box features that drive efficiency based on how you run your association, the expected assurance of payments protected by industry-leading security, and unmatched value. The experience is seamless, with technology that is a natural part of Nimble AMS and the convenience of working with a world class payment gateway. The BluePay payment gateway supports all payment processing functionality found today in Nimble AMS as well as new features like Level 2 and 3 credit card processing and automatic account updating for credit card stored payments. ​

Automatic Stored Payment Method Updates

​With the BluePay payment gateway supporting Automatic Account Updating for Discover®, MasterCard®, and Visa® stored payment methods, we thought it would be a perfect time to introduce that added functionality as an option within Nimble AMS. With the Summer ’18 release, you can now take advantage of the safe and easy updating of a constituent’s stored credit card information when there are changes to the credit card account. When a credit card is stolen and replaced or when the card is reissued upon expiration, you can continue to receive payments and view updated payment information. We have enhanced the stored payment method functionality in Nimble AMS to update payment information on a stored payment method when processing a payment using that stored payment method. This ensures you will be able to view a constituent’s most current payment information.

Level 2 and Level 3 Credit Card Processing

​With the BluePay payment gateway supporting Level 2 and Level 3 credit card processing, we thought it would be a perfect time to introduce that added functionality as an option within Nimble AMS. With the Summer ’18 release we now support Level 2 and Level 3 payment processing on MasterCard®, and Visa® for the BluePay payment gateway. By opting into this feature, additional transaction data is sent to the payment gateway for credit card processing. Utilizing this extra data in the credit card processing, your association will benefit by lower processing fees for MasterCard® and Visa® transactions.

GDPR Compliance

​Data protection and privacy is getting more attention in the software world and the European Union is leading the way with the new General Data Protection Regulation, in effect on May 25, 2018. The one overarching principle made clear in the opening sentence of the GDPR is: “The protection of personal data is a fundamental right.” We anticipate over 80% of Nimble AMS customers will be affected by the GDPR as many are collecting, or have, data from European citizens. Now, both Salesforce and Nimble AMS are ready to help you put the right pieces in place in order to be compliant. It is important to keep in mind that Nimble AMS is only a piece of the puzzle when it comes to ensuring compliance with the GDPR.

Event Logistics

​Good logistics management is crucial to any successful function. With so many moving parts from audiovisual needs, to speaker handouts, to food and beverage service, it is essential that staff be able to keep track and deliver what is needed. As part of the Summer ’18 release, logistics functionality delivers a streamlined setup process to track logistics across multiple events, sessions and exhibits. A list of commonly used logistic categories and items is included and your administrator can define additional categories and items as needed. Each logistic item leverages Salesforce Chatter, activities and timeline functionality. Detailed logistic reporting empowers staff, allowing them to quickly access logistic requirements for each room or the function overall as well as provide accurate, up to the minute printouts for staff and volunteers.

Business Rules

​As you configure Nimble AMS to make it your own, we understand it is important to be able to customize Nimble AMS to fit your business process. With the Summer ’18 release, administrators can now use business rules, which are controllable points within Nimble AMS that define or constrain some aspect of a technical process to match your business process. Business rules are made up of one or more evaluations you can configure in the Business Rules app to ensure your business process is followed within Nimble AMS.

A great application of business rules is within the access controls you use to personalize Community Hub.

​Summer‘18 is full of exciting new features, and once again, we are revolutionizing revenue generation. We are so excited to expand our payment gateway options by partnering with BluePay. Together with Tools from Salesforce and Nimble AMS, associations will be ready for the GDPR to take effect. To learn more about everything Summer ’18 has to offer go to

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