Nimble AMS Winter ’16

Dan Stark

November 4, 2015

    Did you notice that it just got chilly? That’s no cold front my friend, it’s the Nimble AMS Winter ’16 release!

    The Nimble AMS Winter ’16 release includes Community Hub (Pilot), Nimble AMS Programs (Pilot), Delete Payments (Pilot), Value Added Tax support and much more.
    • Community Hub (Pilot) - NimbleUser is pleased to announce the release of Community Hub; our new constituent facing portal built on the Salesforce Communities Platform. Community Hub is a completely new approach for your constituents to manage their personalize online experience. Community Hub brings together the worlds of self service account management and ecommerce with the empowering and engaging elements of community all within one umbrella on the associations website. Community Hub also takes a huge leap by leveraging powerful tools now available to your administrators so they can owning crafting and maintaining your constituents’ online experience.  We have now give your association staff everything they need to personalize your online Community Hub. Features of Community Hub include,
      • Mobile first design;
      • Point and click configuration in staff view;
      • Instantaneous updates from staff view to the user interface;
      • More flexibility to add and remove content;
      • Friendlier user interface;
      • and much more…

      For existing customers, Community Hub is a replacement for your Self Service site. In the coming months, we will develop a plan to migrate the existing Self Service customers to Community Hub. We are looking forward to working with you as we roll out this new product.

    • Nimble AMS Programs (Pilot) – Nimble AMS Programs allows associations to introduce certification program tracking. This dynamic feature includes three levels of tracking, Programs, Milestones and Components. Staff will now have the ability to enroll members in programs and help them keep track of their progress toward program requirements. 
    • Delete Payments (Pilot) - Delete payments functionality in Nimble AMS allows association staff to delete a non credit card payment if the payment was made in error or if the payment was a duplicate payment. For example, If Association staff accidentally enters two check payments (duplicate payments) to the same order, they can delete one of the duplicate payments.
    • Value Added Tax (VAT) - Nimble AMS now offers “limited” VAT functionality for country specific sales tax calculations. The VAT feature allows associations to charge a flat percentage tax amount for events based on the country where the event is being held.
    • Membership Drop - Membership drop functionality in Nimble AMS allows association staff to override a member’s membership term end. For example, if a member chooses not to renew for the next year, Staff can end the membership prior to the end of the grace period. When the membership end date is changed, there is no accounting impact.
    • Improved Shipping by Weight - Shipping by weight has been improved in Nimble AMS to allow staff to set threshold weight amounts for different shipping levels, and include the weight at the product level. Shipping amounts in the checkout process will be calculated based on the overall weight of the items in the cart.

    Release Overview

    For more information, be sure to check out the Nimble AMS Winter ’16 release notes.

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