Nimble AMS Winter ’17 is Here!

Eliza Hammer

September 27, 2016


    Continuous Improvement is so important to Nimble AMS. It may still feel like Summer, but Winter ’17 is right around the corner for all Nimble AMS users. One of our three seasonal releases, Winter ’17, is jam packed with new features. So grab a cup of cocoa and check out the latest and greatest additions to Nimble AMS:

    Community Hub Featured Products Users can browse the Community Hub store using new filter buttons in addition to the existing store category (often referred to as “departments”) radio button filters. Admins can easily craft additional filter buttons for things such as “New Products”, “Popular Products”, or “Sale Products”.

    Advanced Merchandise Product Listings Users can now filter down the list of merchandise products for faster ordering. Finding products is a snap with keyword search and product category filter options. In addition, the most recent merchandise products purchased are shown when staff first go to enter a merchandise order. This is a huge bonus for repetitive order processing of the same or popular products.

    Community Hub Donations Community Hub Donations provide additional opportunities for your association to solicit donations. With a standalone donations checkout page, constituents can make a donation without having to create an account or login.

    Session Level Max Administrators can set the maximum number of registrations for individual sessions in Community Hub. This gives event planners a better view of the sessions that are filling up and provides some flexibility to change rooms to allow for more registrations.

    Community Hub Setup  The new and improved Community Hub Setup App gives administrators a centralized location for tools used to tailor the Community Hub experience on their own with simplicity and convenience.Administrators have the power to craft their Community Hub site by personalizing labels, building custom pages, and prompt users to review or update specific data sets online.

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