Opportunity blooms for your association with the Nimble AMS Spring ‘23 release

The weather might still be cold for much of the country, but this latest Nimble AMS release will put an extra spring in your step. We update Nimble AMS three times a year to offer constant staff innovation, create amazing member experiences, and drive ROI at your association.  
Here are some highlights from the Nimble AMS Spring ‘23 release.

Elevate the member experience with enhancements to Community Hub 

As part of our continuous efforts to provide a better member experience, we have made numerous improvements to the Experience Cloud Community Hub​. Those improvements​ include: 

  • Pro Forma membership renewal bill payment now aligns with Experience Cloud checkout​.
  • There is now support for product variants​.
  • Add to cart button behavior can now be overridden.

Wizards built with Salesforce Flows
There’s now an easy way to automatically set up coupons and link products together with Salesforce Flows. Here’s how:

  • Leverage the Coupon Setup Wizard. The wizard is an easy-to-use tool designed to provide staff with a quick method of creating and configuring coupons. ​It reduces the time to set up coupons and allows employees to easily reuse existing coupon products.
  • Adopt the Product Variant Wizard. This wizard is a user-friendly tool designed to provide employees with a quick method of creating parent products, children products, and attributes as well as automatically linking them together.​ It reduces the time to set up product variants and avoids a complicated, error-prone process.

Sales Cloud Connector enhancements
The Sales Cloud Connector feature is equipped with even more product types such as advertisements, exhibits, and sponsorships.​ With these Sales Cloud Connector enhancements, your staff is empowered to track sales information, cultivate leads, and convert opportunities to orders, driving revenue for associations.​ 

Known Issues list
With the Nimble AMS Spring ‘23 release, you’ll now have new resources for administrations to stay updated on known issues.Our administrative community continues to grow, so we’re providing enhanced materials to keep everyone up to date with useful information. The Nimble AMS Known Issues list will look like the one hosted by Salesforce.  

Salesforce updates
Look forward to the following Salesforce updates going live with the Nimble AMS Spring ‘23 release: 

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) auto-enablement for direct logins will begin.
  • Einstein Search. Leverage this new feature in Salesforce Einstein to get results about your work behavior. With the Einstein Search Manager, you can configure your searchable fields and picklists, to see information related to your work. With Einstein Search Answers you can also receive specific answers from a knowledge article to help answer your questions.
  • Flow and Process Management. Continue your transition to Flow Builder with the Migrate to Flow tool, which can now convert processes to Salesforce Flows. 

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