Six key areas your association should identify to improve member engagement scoring

Successful associations prioritize improving the member experience. The Community Brands 2022 Association Trends Study reports that 90% of association professionals seek to enhance engagement opportunities for their members. Of those surveyed, 59% of the association pros believe upgrading or integrating new technology is a priority to delivering superior member service.

Before your association begins adopting new software to meet member needs, you’ll want to start with re-envisioning your member engagement strategy. How do you begin this crucial process? Keep reading for six helpful tips.

How to improve member engagement scoring at your association
To reexamine your member engagement strategy, you’ll want to reconsider your overall purpose for scoring. Member engagement scoring is unique for each association, and because member values differ from organization to organization, your engagement formula will likewise be distinct.

When you take inventory of these six vital areas, you’ll understand what a connected member looks like at your association, adding more value to your engagement strategies:

1. Membership: This is one of the most crucial factors to consider when asking, “what does an engaged member look like?” To determine value, reflect on membership duration and a member’s service in committee leadership. 

TECH TIP: Improve member engagement scoring at your association by adopting Nimble AMS and utilizing the committee leadership function to document member participation and easily organize constituent groups for reporting purposes.

2. Events: Ask yourself if a member is a regular event participant or supports association conferences through sponsorships or advertising. 

TECH TIP: Nimble AMS uses Person Accounts so you can view organization and individual-level members in a simplified location. Persons Accounts streamlines reporting so you can optimize engagement and confirm which members spoke at an event or purchased a sponsorship.

3. Careers: Engaged members will involve themselves in all aspects of your association, including your job board and career advancement program.   

TECH TIP: Add value to the member experience when you integrate Nimble AMS with Community Brands software, YM Careers. Boost member engagement and retention with the powerful combination of YM Careers and Nimble AMS.

4. Learning: Members join organizations for continuing education and certification programs. Engaged members will maximize all learning opportunities your association offers.  

TECH TIP: Level up your learning program by integrating Nimble AMS with Community Brands LMS, Crowd Wisdom. Boost your member engagement strategy with learning data that automatically synchs between Crowd Wisdom and Nimble AMS.  

5. Online community: Take member engagement to the next level with an integrated virtual community.  

TECH TIP: Nimble AMS’ integrated virtual platform, Nimble Communities, will help your association boost the member experience by providing crucial behavioral analytics to direct your member engagement strategy.

6. Miscellaneous: Each organization has unique values driving its member engagement strategy. For example, if your association is highly involved in volunteering efforts, you’ll want to adjust your scoring ratio accordingly to include options for members who are SMEs, ambassadors, or involved in your advocacy program. Look for configurable technology to support your unique member engagement needs.  

“Every association does its member engagement differently. Likewise, the Nimble AMS member engagement tool is highly configurable,” says Logan Heaney, certified Salesforce administrator and platform builder.

Learn more about leveraging member engagement scoring at your association

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