Strategies to utilize your online community platform for better board management

Do your board and leadership teams have jam-packed agendas and meetings that often run long? Do members sometimes miss a meeting and want to catch up on the minutes, asking staff to send out relevant documents?  
Rather than task an employee with more work, your organization can leverage innovative association management software (AMS) with its online community platform to streamline board management. Using your AMS and online community empowers board members and leadership teams to work smarter, move faster, and achieve more for your association. Read our blog for strategies to get started.

5 tips to manage your board in your online community platform 

Follow these tips to streamline board management with your online community platform: 

1. Boost collaboration. Begin by sorting your board members and leadership teams into subgroups of your online community. Creating a central place for conversations is a great way to encourage discussion about your meeting agenda and keep the conversation flowing after the latest board meeting.

You can also build a documents repository making it easy for members to find past and current meeting minutes, agendas, and relevant documents.

2. Create communities. Consider creating subcommittees within your board subgroup. Try building a subcommittee group for members who serve on different areas of your board, for example, executive, finance, technology, or member services.

Dividing your board members into subcommittee groups could help to further streamline their work processes and encourage conversation.

3. Keep it confidential. Ensure only board members and leaders have access to the subgroup by making the subgroup private. Have your online community platform moderator control who can access and utilize the subgroup and limit who can post information in the group.

Consider having all board members and leaders go through a brief data security training before joining your association’s online community.  

4. Leverage polling. To streamline your board’s voting and approvals process, consider utilizing your online community platform. Leverage polling within your online community to automate this board management process, ensuring that voting is quick and effective.

5. Board reminders. Empower your board members with reminders to complete certain procedures like compliance documents, conflicts of interest, financial disclosures, director and officer questionnaires, CEO evaluations, and more. Streamline the process for your board members by setting an expiration date so the evaluation or compliance document must be completed yearly. 

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Are you ready to discover more tips on how leveraging your online community can empower your board members? Take the next step with Nimble AMS and Nimble Communities to elevate your board management. Download our free toolkit for associations!

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