Who benefits from predictive analytics and artificial intelligence at associations?

Matt Rist

January 29, 2022

    When associations use data to predict member interests and behavior, and then provide them with relevant content and offers, the benefits are big. 

     Here’s a look at just who benefits from predictive analytics at associations. Floating robot

    Recently, I wrote about predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) for associations. Specifically, I looked at:

    • Why it’s time to get started with predictive analytics and AI
    • What predictive analytics and AI can do for your organization
    • How you can get started with these technologies 

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    Who benefits from AI an predictive analytics?

    Today, let’s take a look at the “who”. Here are some of the people who can benefit from predictive analytics and AI at your association: 

    Membership executives and team – The people in these roles aim to boost member recruitment, engagement, and retention. Using predictive analytics, powered by AI, this role can:

    • Increase membership by using trend data to predict which member benefits will drive the most new memberships, and then highlight those benefits in an automated email series for member recruitment.
    • Improve member engagement by predicting what information members might need, based on things like their career stage or recent interests, and then proactively sending them personalized content with links to relevant resources.
    • Reduce membership lapses by using data about past behaviors to predict if a member is unlikely to renew, and then intervene before losing the membership.  

    Marketing Executives and team – This team can use predictive analytics to help promote your organization’s events, programs, and other resources. For example: 

    • Improve registration for association events by using predictive analytics to determine which event locations will bring in the highest number of registrations and what time to open registration for events.   
    • Increase revenue from your association’s professional education program by predicting which members are most likely to register for a specific course or certificate program and then target them with promotions for educational content. 
    • Drive more revenue by cross-promoting your association’s merchandise in a targeted way based on members’ previous purchases and interests and “what other members like you purchased”.

    Fundraising executive and team – These go-getters can better predict which members will donate and how much they will give, and then use that data to send targeted asks. Many hands coming out of a laptop screen

    IT executives and team – by putting the power of AI and predictive analytics into essentially every hand in the organization, the IT team can focus on other issues. Being able to take one thing off your teams’ plate these days, is a huge accomplishment! 

    Members – As your members become more accustomed to highly personalized customer experiences in all areas of their lives, they naturally expect a similar experience from your association. When your association uses predictive analytics and AI tools to predict members’ and prospective members’ needs and then target them with relevant content and offers, your members will benefit from the customer experience they want, and ultimately see more value from their membership with your organization. 

    Thus, the Executive Director also benefits not only because all the organization’s teams are running so smoothly, but also due to the simplicity around reports and processes needed to run a large organization in today’s world.

    The whole organization benefits from predictive analytics and AI. You can too.

    Move forward with predictive analytics and AI.

    Modern technology now makes it easier than ever for associations to create deeper relationships with people by predicting their interests and behaviors, and then providing them with relevant content and offers that boost member engagement and lead to greater sales and loyalty.  

    Find out more about how predictive analytics can help your association deliver more targeted messages, plan more successful programs, and provide better overall service for your members. Watch our Nimble AMS Predictions webinar on demand to get an inside look into how you can benefit from predictive analytics and AI today. 

    How associations easily use predictive analytics with Nimble AMS on demand

    See how your association can stay one step ahead with predictive analytics and AI.

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