Your data, composed.


Powerful Authoring

Effortless composition. Point-and-click authoring makes your administrator an information wizard. Bring together disparate data to give meaning to your communications and content.

Precision Styling

Finely tuned. Achieve a cohesive style by applying your organization’s brand directly to all your creations. Your data has never looked so good.

Formatted Data

All together. Consolidate your data in an understandable format. Send or view information as documents, emails, or any other format you’d like.

Nimble Create

Build relevant content that exceeds your member expectations and tells your brand story.

Nimble Create features.

Reusable Templates
Create reusable templates to make content creation fast and consistent.
Simple Content Layout
​Compose content in whatever layout you’d like, using a simple point-and-click editor.
Theming with CSS
Build trust in your brand using your organization’s cascading style sheets to theme your templates.
Templates Display Anywhere
Use your templates in many different formats – like a page on your website or a PDF attached to an email.
Templates Within Templates
Combine your templates within templates to display related data together in a meaningful way.
Contextual Content
Display content in your templates only when it applies to your readers.