4 qualities to look for in your next AMS vendor

Are you in the process of selecting your next association management software (AMS) vendor? Before you can choose your AMS vendor, you’ll want to consider the software vendor’s values, as well as the features and functionality you need in a platform.

Considering all these factors will ensure you find an AMS vendor that will help move your association forward. Read our blog for more tips to find your perfect AMS vendor match.

4 qualities to consider when looking for a new AMS vendor

When you’re looking for a new association management system (AMS), you likely have a list of feature and functionality requirements. That’s important. But it’s also essential to have a list of the traits you want in a software vendor.

Here are four qualities to consider as you search for your next AMS vendor:

1. Stellar service

When it comes to initial services, many AMS vendors use the same basic implementation phases: Onboarding, Discovery, Implementation, and Launch. Where the difference lies is how they approach those phases.

For example, when a vendor talks about “Discovery,” are they simply asking you a few questions? They should go further. They should take time to understand your business goals and processes and set realistic expectations so they can implement your new AMS system in a way that truly meets your needs as well as project timelines and deliverables.

The Nimble AMS team takes a unique approach to project implementation, building best practices into the implementation process to make sure you get the most out of your new system. Here are just a few of the guiding principles Nimble AMS uses for product implementations:

  • Onboarding. To get your entire team up to speed, you’ll attend training sessions to get to know the Nimble AMS platform. You’ll build confidence in the new software, so you’ll be ready to use Nimble AMS by launch. You’ll also work with the Nimble AMS team to ensure your RFP, digital assets, and other important documents are transferred to all necessary team members as needed.
  • Discovery. During this stage, you’ll work with the Nimble AMS team to better understand your goals, and then implement Nimble AMS in ways that best meet your needs. The more the Nimble AMS team learns about how your organization works, the better we can figure out how to configure the system to meet your specific needs.
  • Implementation. As you implement Nimble AMS, our team and yours will work together to complete all needed configurations and integrations agreed upon in the previous phases. During this phase, you can work with the Nimble AMS team for an effective data conversion, training, testing, and system launch.
  • Launch. The launch of your AMS is not the end of your project. It’s only the beginning, or the moment you begin using the product in your day-to-day world. It’s important that when you reach your “go-live” date, you understand your new AMS and feel self-sufficient with it. That’s why we offer training throughout the implementation process, a detailed Customer Success Guide, and additional classroom and online training on Nimble AMS administration.During this phase, our Nimble AMS team will work with you to ensure we’ve wrapped up all lose ends. We’ll also seek your feedback to see if we need to make any adjustments to real-life usage.

2. Proactive support

Your AMS vendor shouldn’t just quickly answer your question or fix an issue and move on. They should dig deeper. Nimble AMS user, Hilda Ioanilli speaks to the importance of customer support further: “We have been using Nimble AMS for almost 10 years and we are very happy with it. Their customer support and development team are very responsive and they treat you as an individual with unique needs and preferences. I highly recommend Nimble AMS to any association seeking a reliable AMS solution.”

To further highlight Nimble AMS’ excellent customer support, all Nimble AMS customers can leverage a full Salesforce Sandbox to test and train new Nimble AMS users. Additionally, before a new Nimble AMS product release, all Nimble AMS customers can test the new preview version before it launches.

In addition, the Nimble AMS team runs nightly automated tests to watch for any potential issues so we can proactively notify our clients. Customers can then let the team know if they would like us to look at the issue further. This is particularly helpful for customers who are doing their own product configurations because the Nimble AMS team can notify them of anything that may become an issue down the road.

3. Continuous innovation

Associations must continuously innovate to remain relevant to their members. But instead of fostering innovation, the old school, on-premises AMS systems often hinder it. Look for an AMS vendor with a future-forward approach.

Nimble AMS is built on the Salesforce platform, offering six routine product updates a year. With Nimble AMS, you will receive three annual Salesforce updates and three annual Nimble AMS updates. All software upgrades are free and automatic, ensuring all Nimble AMS customers are on the same product version and all customers have access to the latest features and innovation. This type of innovation brings unprecedented agility and empowerment to professional and trade associations.

4. Expertise

To have an AMS solution that works for associations, the team building it must be knowledgeable about both associations and software. For example, the executive and product management leadership at Nimble AMS have all worked in associations and have experience specific to membership-based organizations.

Because Nimble AMS has been working with associations since 1992, we can offer best practice and insight from hundreds of engagements.

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As you narrow your list of potential AMS vendors, be sure to consider their qualities and values. A vendor’s ability to meet (and exceed) your association’s expectations depends heavily on customer-focused values and a future-focused approach, backed by proven association and technology expertise.

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