Do you love your association management software (AMS)? If your answer is no, it might be time for a change!  
Read our blog for five reasons why enterprise-level organizations love Nimble AMS. 

5 reasons member-based organizations choose Nimble AMS

With so many AMS platforms available, discovering the best software for your member-based organization can quickly get overwhelming. Finding the right association management software comes down to determining what platform can best future proof your association. You’ll want to choose an innovative AMS that enhances ease of use and efficiency, elevates the member experience, and empowers your entire organization to succeed.  

Enterprise-level associations choose Nimble AMS as their trusted technology partner. Here’s why: 

1. Staff empowerment

You’ll need an AMS to empower your staff to succeed. Nimble AMS can simplify staff processes with innovative technology. Here’s how: 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI). Leverage Nimble AMS Predictions and Salesforce Einstein AI for intelligent recommendations and predictions to increase staff efficiency. Nimble AMS AI can empower all your teams, enhancing membership processes, elevating event registration, optimizing your continuing education program, and more.
  • Automation. With Nimble AMS and Salesforce Flows, your organization can automate crucial staff processes. Nimble AMS makes automation simple with point-and-click technology, elevating email communications, membership renewals, tax processing, and more.
  • Exclusive tools. At no additional cost, Nimble AMS offers exclusive tools to empower your staff. With Nimble Create, Nimble Fuse, and Nimble Query, you can leave repetitive, time-consuming tasks in the past.  

2. Enhanced member experiences

Are you ready to take your member experience to the next level? Leverage Nimble AMS to enhance your member experience, helping you attract new members and retain your current ones. Here’s how:

  • Online community. Members join associations to network and connect with other professionals. Drive member engagement with Nimble Communities, built into the Nimble AMS platform. Nimble Communities makes it easy for members to share ideas, learn about the latest industry trends, and network with peers.
  • Community Hub. Empower your members with the Nimble AMS Community Hub to manage their accounts, easily register for events, make donations, sign up for a continuing education course, and more. The Nimble AMS Community Hub is also easily styled to match your organization’s brand.

3. Reduced risk

As a member-based organization, you understand the necessity of protecting your data. Nimble AMS prioritizes your member data, offering world-class security and reliability. Built on the Salesforce platform, Nimble AMS implements the best data security practices including multi-factor authentication, custom domains, encryption, login IP ranges, access restrictions, data recovery, and more.

If you choose Nimble AMS, your organization will be backed by an in-house Security and Compliance Team, staffed with experts running a strong information and risk management program meeting data privacy regulations and expectations. Nimble AMS also has a Known Issues List to increase security transparency, keeping customers up to date with helpful information and solutions.

4. Continuous innovation

Using outdated association management software can slow your organization down and make work harder. An old system can also prove a security risk, resulting in a decline in ROI.

With Nimble AMS continuous updates, you’ll always have access to the latest software version and the most innovative features. Your association will receive six, seamless software upgrades a year, including three from Nimble AMS and three from Salesforce. The updates are consistent, hassle-free, and will increase value for your staff and members.

5. Power of the platform

With Nimble AMS, you can offer a connected member experience by extending the platform and upskilling your staff. Here’s how:

  • Person Accounts. Nimble AMS leverages Person Accounts to support the needs of enterprise-level organizations. Person Accounts were specifically designed for associations, scaling to fit complex membership structures and presenting a unified data account.
  • Salesforce AppExchange. Ready to extend the Nimble AMS platform? There’s an app for that! Check out the Salesforce AppExchange for over 7,000 helpful solutions to extend the Nimble AMS platform.
  • MyTrailhead. Offer online training opportunities with Nimble AMS myTrailhead to upskill your staff. Easily create and deploy training modules to ensure your employees learn the latest Nimble AMS tools and features. 

Learn more about Nimble AMS

Enterprise member-based organizations love Nimble AMS and you will too! Discover even more reasons to love Nimble AMS. Check out our on-demand webinar: Why Choose Nimble AMS for your Association?

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