5 Things Clients Love about Nimble AMS

Do you love your association management software (AMS)?

If you said “no,” then it may be time for a change. With so many AMS platforms available today, it’s often easy to get caught up in all the bells and whistles the softwares claim to have.

But, it’s not only about the features, ease of use and efficiency. It’s also about positioning your association for the future with a technology platform and partner who exceeds member expectations.

At the end of the day, you want peace of mind your AMS is going to perform exactly how you need it to, while also providing a flawless member experience. You also want that member experience to be modern, innovative and forward-thinking, and to do that, your AMS needs to be modern and innovative.


​Nimble AMS is that platform. Here are five things clients love about Nimble AMS: 

1. Nimble AMS makes you look good.

  • It empowers you, and helps you and your organization look great.
  • The Salesforce platform provides:
    • Business intelligence: Configurable reports and dashboards operate in real time, and they also provide the ability to create individual reports for each staff member. 
    • Artificial Intelligence: Delivered through Salesforce Einstein, this helps you to predict, recommend and automate in ways that help your staff be more efficient and delight your members.
    • Salesforce Process Builder: Easily create and automate tasks.
  • Community Brands offers a set of unique tools for Nimble AMS, including:
    • Nimble Sync: Import data from legacy data stores to Salesforce.
    • Nimble Fuse: Enables inbound, outbound and call out integrations all via point-and-click.
    • Nimble Create: Allows you to personalize the member experience through easy to build templates that leverage your members’ data in reports and through the Community Hub Member Portal.

2. Enhanced member experiences.

  • A modern member management software like Nimble AMS provides innovative interactions for members using artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, voice recognition technology, and more. (For more on artificial intelligence, check out this blog)
  • According to the Community Brands Digital Member Study, 83 percent of association members use a smartphone everyday. Nimble AMS was built from the ground up for mobility.
  • Our member portal, Community Hub, looks great, and can easily be styled to match your website without our support.
  • Adding additional functionality is extremely easy.
  • Members are enabled to do more, manage their own account, and utilize ecommerce tools for quick and easy process. After all, your members’ last experience is the new expectation.

3. Reduced risk.

  • It’s a huge thing our clients worry about. Our system mitigates a great deal of risk with minimal effort from your organization.
  • Nimble AMS is backed by both Community Brands and Salesforce, which brings clients:
    • Security: +99 percent uptime, and Salesforce provides live data on system performance and updates via Salesforce Trust.
    • Stability: The world’s largest nonprofits use Salesforce, and Community Brands serves more than 30,000 organizations. Also, by virtue of being in the cloud and having a multitenant architecture, clients don’t need to worry about buying and maintaining their own physical stack of hardware or software.
    • Scalability: The Salesforce platform has the capacity to serve millions of users and scale rapidly.
    • Innovation: Salesforce is Forbes Magazine 2017 #1 World’s Most Innovative Companies. In 2017, the company dedicated more than $946 million in research and development.

4. Always on the same version.

  • Say goodbye to costly upgrade nightmares that don’t deliver on innovation. There are no clients stranded on a previous version, and you won’t pay extra for functionality you should expect. Upgrades bring innovation, and are included in the annual pricing.
  • Innovation Salesforce releases three upgrades a year, and Nimble AMS follows their recommended approach, also releasing three upgrades per year. 

5. Power of the platform.

  • Leading associations know it’s more important than ever to truly understand your members. Being built on the number one CRM platform helps you really know what your members are looking for.
  • There’s an app for that: Extend Nimble AMS through applications on the Salesforce AppExchange.
Our infographic gives some additional insight into these five things, and our recorded webinar, “5 Things Clients Love About Nimble AMS,” dives even deeper into these benefits.

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