The top Nimble AMS product highlights from 2023

To manage and enhance membership, your association should be using the most up-to-date software. Are you leveraging innovative technology to empower your entire organization?  
Nimble AMS follows the Salesforce product release schedule, offering three annual software upgrades, at no cost to our customers. Because of our product release schedule, Nimble AMS customers receive a total of six software updates each year (including product releases from Salesforce).  
Read our blog to learn more about the exciting upgrades our team made to Nimble AMS in 2023.  

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Why should your association leverage software with continuous updates?

Imagine if your organization suddenly experienced a software failure, due to outdated technology. Your association could experience a decline in member engagement, retention, and recruitment. Having outdated software could ultimately lead to a decline in your organization’s ROI.  
To eliminate this risk, your association should leverage technology that provides consistent and hassle-free product upgrades. With the latest software version, you’ll have access to the most innovative features, increasing value for both your staff and members and saving your organization money.  
Don’t settle for anything less. Choose association management software (AMS) that provides continuous software updates. 

Nimble AMS product highlights from 2023 

Nimble AMS offers three annual software updates to meet the needs of associations and enhance the staff and member experience. Here are just some of the ways Nimble AMS has offered innovative features to its customers in 2023:

1. Spring ‘23 product release

Opportunity bloomed with the Spring ‘23 Nimble AMS release. Here’s how the Spring ‘23 release offered amazing member experiences and helped to drive organizations’ ROI:

  • Enhancements to the Experience Cloud Community Hub 
  • Salesforce Flows wizards to create coupons and link products 
  • Salesforce Cloud Connector to track sales, cultivate leads, and more 
  • The Nimble AMS Known Issues List to keep customers up to date on known issues

2. Summer ‘23 product release

The Summer ‘23 Nimble AMS release offered easy, breezy enhancements for your association. Here’s how the Summer ‘23 release helped to advance the staff and member experience

  • New member payment methods including Apple Pay and Google Pay 
  • A hybrid model for the new Experience Cloud Community Hub 
  • An exciting way to promote events and drive attendance in Experience Cloud 
  • Tools to enhance and streamline deferred revenue

3. Winter ‘24 product release

It’s beginning to look a lot like the Winter ‘24 Nimble AMS release! Here are the exciting new updates offered in our latest product release

  • A volunteer management solution that helps to boost member engagement 
  • A new Lightning Web Component (LWC) to create robust, point-and-click solutions 
  • Nimble Actions to design no-code customization and facilitate work processes 
  • Advanced integration with Expo Logic Badge [On] Demand

Learn more about innovative Nimble AMS

Your organization shouldn’t have to settle for outdated association management software. With continuous software releases, the Nimble AMS team keeps our customers updated with the latest technology. Learn how your association can innovate with Nimble AMS and Salesforce.

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