Six steps for your association to adopt new technology

Change can be a challenge. And encouraging your staff to adopt new association management software can prove to be even more challenging. 

However, if it’s time for your association to adopt new technology, it will become crucial to get your employees on board with the change. Read our blog for change management tips and get your staff ready to embrace new software.  

6 change management strategies to empower your association staff 

Change fatigue can be a real pain point at any organization. According to research conducted by Gartner, employees are now 50% less likely to successfully cope with change  
How can you prepare your staff for new association management software (AMS)? Get your association on board with new technology by creating a culture of change management. 
Follow these tips to get started: 

1. Build trust

It will be easier for your employees to embrace change and adopt new software if they believe you have their best interests in mind. Build trust with your staff by getting a core group of employees involved early in your AMS implementation process. Consider selecting a staff leader from each department to best represent all employees’ interests.

By working with a key group of stakeholders, you can better understand how your new AMS will impact all staff. Increase staff buy-in by inviting your stakeholder group to software demos and vendor meetings to show how your new software can improve current processes and help your organization reach its goals.

2. Elevate communication

Create a communication schedule to ensure your staff are up to date throughout the implementation process. Host routine town halls and encourage all employees to ask questions about how the AMS adoption is going.

Elevate two-way communication by regularly meeting with your staff stakeholder group. As you meet with your stakeholder group, try to gain employee insights to tailor your messaging, helping to answer staff questions and boost morale.

3. Boost collaboration

As your association prepares for new software, you can foster team cohesion by working with your staff to build business process maps. Doing so will increase understanding of your current organizational processes and lay the groundwork for change. With increased knowledge of your key organizational processes, your organization will be better prepared to embrace new software.

Further boost collaboration by celebrating small wins across your association. Discuss your mutual vision for your new AMS and talk about how your new technology will elevate both the staff and member experience.

4. Increase transparency

The path to new association management software can be exciting but sometimes tough. If your organization experiences a challenge during the implementation process, be honest with your staff about how the situation will impact everyone. Work with your software vendor team to best understand how change will affect your entire team.

5. Set realistic expectations

As you move throughout the implementation process, be sure to check in with your software vendor team about your timeline. Communicate this timeline to your staff stakeholder group to set realistic expectations on when you will fully adopt your new AMS.

Once your AMS implementation goes live, you might want to consider lowering your productivity expectations during the early weeks. Anticipate that it will take some time for all your staff users to feel comfortable and confident with the new system.

6. Celebrate the process

During times of change, it’s helpful to offer social outlets so your staff can connect, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. Try celebrating small milestones throughout the implementation process and perhaps consider meeting weekly to discuss weekly wins. After your AMS is live, be sure to host a party to celebrate your new software and thank your staff for making the process a success. 

Learn more tips for a successful AMS implementation

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