5 factors to consider when choosing new association management software (AMS)

The technology you choose to use today impacts your organization tomorrow. If you wish to future-proof your association, you should leverage innovative association management software.

While evaluating new technology, it’s vital to think about your organization’s current needs. But don’t forget to consider how your decision will affect your association and its members in the future.  

Read our blog to learn the top five factors your organization should consider when choosing your next AMS. 

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How to choose the right association management software (AMS) for your entire organization 

As your association grows and your member programs advance, youll need innovative technology to support your evolving needs. Community Brands research found most association members and professionals agree that organizations must transform technologically to survive, and technology is changing their organization for the better.  
As you begin your research and selection process for new association management software, you’ll want to address your organization’s current needs. But you should also consider how your technology choice will impact tomorrow’s members and staff. 
To reach more members and improve the staff experience, consider these five factors when choosing your next AMS:

Reach more members

With the right AMS your organization can elevate the membership experience, attracting more members and boosting retention. Here’s how:

1. Deliver member services more efficiently. Are you ready to take the manual work out of member services? Choose an AMS with easy-to-use workflow automation tools and you can save time by automating routine, manual tasks. Your staff can work more efficiently and spend more time creating a great member experience – no matter how member expectations evolve in the future.

TECH TIP: Choose Nimble AMS to empower your staff to save valuable time by automating complex processes. Nimble AMS leverages Salesforce Flows so staff can easily build flows to streamline a host of processes with simple, point-and-click actions.

2. Personalize the member experience. Improve the member experience by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to connect with your members and offer a personalized experience. Ensure your staff can meet the demands of future members by choosing an AMS that allows your staff to easily collect, analyze, and use member data to deliver a personalized technology experience. 

TECH TIP: Are you ready to leverage AI at your association? Choose Nimble AMS to leverage Nimble AMS Predictions, with simple point-and-click actions. With Nimble AMS Predictions, you can boost member retention by predicting which members are at risk of lapsing.

3. Offer membership benefits your members want. To boost member retention and attract more members within your industry, you’ll want to offer relevant membership benefits. But what do members want? The latest Community Brands Association Trends Study found that members are looking for training opportunities, certifications and credentials, help with career advancement, and networking opportunities.

Attract new members and retain your current ones by offering an integrated online community platform for virtual networking opportunities. Offer excellent continuing education opportunities and career resources by leveraging learning management software and a career center that integrates with your AMS.

TECH TIP: Choose Nimble AMS to access Community Brand’s suite of connected solutions to leverage LMS and career center software that integrates seamlessly. Boost networking opportunities and enhance member engagement with Nimble Communities, a built-in online community platform to drive member retention.

Improve the staff user experience

4. Recruit and retain top employees. You can’t deliver a great member experience without great staff. When you choose innovative technology, you can create a data-driven work culture, ultimately increasing worker engagement, productivity, and collaboration.  
To increase data literacy, offer technology training for all employees. Tech training is a great way to upskill your current staff, ensuring they best know how to leverage your AMS. Offering data training can also boost employee recruitment. Providing training opportunities says a lot about your work culture, proving your organization chooses to invest in its current employees, and attracting potential employees interested in professional development.  

TECH TIP: With the right AMS, it’s easy to offer user-friendly technology training opportunities. Nimble AMS offers myTrailhead to boost staff skills training initiatives. MyTrailhead makes it simple to create engaging content with interactive assessments, learning paths, gamification elements, and more.

5. Continuous innovation. Meeting and exceeding staff and member expectations depends heavily on your AMS. One of the easiest ways to future-proof your organization and incorporate the latest technology trends is to choose an AMS with continuous software updates. 
With an AMS that offers continuous updates, you’ll have access to the latest innovation and technology features to empower your entire organization to thrive. Routine and seamless updates will also ensure your software is on the latest version, reducing failure risks.

TECH TIP: If you choose Nimble AMS, you’re guaranteed to always be on the latest software version with access to the newest innovation. With six continuous software updates (three from Nimble AMS and three from Salesforce) your staff will be empowered by the latest tools, saving your organization time and money.

Learn more about choosing the right AMS for your organization

If you’re looking for more tips on how to choose the best AMS for your association, watch our on-demand webinar: “5 Things clients love about Nimble AMS.”

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