It’s time for your association to go back to school

Sigmund VanDamme

September 5, 2019

    How Salesforce Trailhead makes product learning useful, easy, and fun for associations.

    To operate efficiently and effectively, your staff needs to know how to use your association management software to its fullest. Here’s how Salesforce Trailhead makes product learning useful, easy, and fun.

    When you think of “back to school,” you might not think about your association. But when it comes to your association management system (AMS) – it’s time to think about learning.

    Your AMS is the software that helps your association manage its membership and operations. Shouldn’t your staff know how to use it to its fullest?

    That’s one of the many reasons Nimble AMS is built on the Salesforce platform: Salesforce makes product training fun and easy with Salesforce Trailhead.

    Trailhead is an online learning environment. It offers developers and administrators a guided learning path through the key features of Salesforce using a series of interactive, online tutorials. And, it’s free!

    Some of the key features of Trailhead include:

    • Self-paced learning – By choosing the appropriate “trail,” you can learn what you need when you need it.
    • Learning paths – Content is arranged with three levels: trails, modules, and units. The content is presented in a specific sequence, so you have a defined path to follow. You won’t waste time deciding what to content to review and in what order.
    • Engaging content – Each tutorial consists of short units. This makes it simple, fast, engaging, and useful.
    • Interactive assessments – At the end of each unit, you can take a challenge to verify that you’ve understood the content you’ve just reviewed.
    • Gamification – Trailhead awards points and badges upon successful completion of units and modules. These awards are displayed on your user profile, giving you recognition for your expertise.

    Trailhead also offers other educational goodies, including:

    • Trailmixes – where you can create and follow your own custom learning “playlists”.
    • Projects – where you can get hands-on experience with step-by-step instructions.
    • Trailhead Academy – where you can learn directly from Salesforce experts.

    Salesforce also offers myTrailhead, which allows organizations to customize the Salesforce Trailhead learning environment with their own content and branding. In keeping with everything else in the Salesforce world, myTrailhead offers easy-to-use point-and-click tools to create your own Salesforce learning paths.

    More product learning opportunities

    From Trailhead, you can also access information about Salesforce events that offer learning opportunities. For example, Dreamforce is Salesforce’s annual mega event that gathers the entire Salesforce community of customers, partners, employees, and key stakeholders for multiple days of learning, inspiration, and fun. If attending Dreamforce isn’t within your time and budget, you can still take part in other Salesforce community events, including the Salesforce regional World Tour or Basecamp events.

    You can also access a huge and supportive user community through the online Trailblazer Community or through local Community Groups. The Salesforce ecosystem includes a community of more than two million certified developers, users, and partners who are always there to help.

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