The top 20 reasons associations love Salesforce

For over 20 years, Salesforce has offered outstanding customer relationship management (CRM) functionality for associations like yours. With a CRM platform like Salesforce, many member-based organizations have the power to know their members better, track interactions, and gain vital membership analytics.  
Our team built Nimble AMS on the Salesforce platform because of its power to transform you into a data-driven organization. Keep reading for even more reasons why your association will love Salesforce.

Why associations love Salesforce

1. Nimble AMS, built on Salesforce. Salesforce has transformed the association management software (AMS) landscape. Through Nimble AMS, associations can now move beyond traditional AMS to leverage modern technology and access solutions that were once available to only Fortune 500 companies. Nimble AMS empowers your organization to manage every aspect of your association while leveraging the power of the #1 CRM platform, Salesforce.

2. Boost staff efficiency and ROI. With the power of Nimble AMS, built on Salesforce, you can increase staff efficiency and boost your ROI. Salesforce reports that organizations who leverage automation reduce costs by 11-30% and see 4-28 hours returned to their employees’ work weeks.

3. Benefits of the true cloud. Salesforce is a true cloud-based CRM platform. All customers access the same solution from the same cloud, with instantaneous access to the latest product features. The true cloud makes it much easier for Salesforce to release new and innovative features. There is only one version to support and maintain, so Salesforce can concentrate on delivering features versus maintaining older versions of the software.

4. Continuous, painless, free upgrades. Salesforce provides your organization with a continuous stream of upgrades and innovation so you’re always using the latest in technology advances, without hassle and extra costs. Expect three upgrades a year with Salesforce and Nimble AMS—one in the fall, one in the winter, and one in the summer — to grant your association the latest in technology advancements.

5. Process automation. Salesforce Flows saves valuable staff time by automating complex business processes. Using point-and-click actions, you can automatically update or create new records, emails, and tasks or submit approval requests.

6. Person Accounts. When you use Salesforce and Nimble AMS Person Accounts, your association will have a connected experience across all channels, so all your member data is accessible in one location. Your staff won’t have to search in multiple places for organizational and individual information because all data is in one record. 

Person Accounts presents a simplified user experience for associations, but it can still scale to meet the needs of complex member-based organizations.

7. Insightful reporting. With the Salesforce platform, you’ll see the future clearly, leveraging easy-to-build reports and personalized dashboards. These association analytics tools will help you visualize key business metrics and spot trends to identify opportunities and solve issues before they surface.

8. Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is attainable for every association through Nimble AMS, which enables true point-and-click AI using Salesforce Einstein AI technology. Einstein offers guidance and makes predictions based on past member behavior. For example, which members are most likely to renew and empower staff to act upon the results.

One Nimble AMS customer, the Marine Corps Association & Foundation (MCA&F) leveraged Einstein AI technology to create a prediction to improve the member experience, identifying a pool of members who were at high risk of lapsing. With the help of Nimble AMS, MCA&F staff created a solution to renew 25% of the high-risk members.  

9. Drive sales. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, diversify your revenue stream and build deeper connections with members. Empower your sales team to work smarter and faster by boosting virtual sales processes and generating more leads.

10. Level up marketing. Inspire member loyalty and engage with your constituents across the entire membership journey with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Use AI to anticipate member behavior and optimize all aspects of your marketing campaigns and budget.   

11. Fun and easy product training. Salesforce offers myTrailhead, which allows you to customize the Salesforce Trailhead learning environment with your own content and branding. With myTrailhead, you can provide user-friendly skill training opportunities for your staff, and help your entire organization grow.

12. Events and learning opportunities. Dreamforce is Salesforce’s annual mega event that gathers the entire Salesforce community of customers, partners, employees, and key stakeholders for multiple days of learning, inspiration, and fun. If attending Dreamforce isn’t within your budget, you can still take part in other Salesforce community events, including the Salesforce regional World Tour or Basecamp events.

13. A huge and supportive user community. A strong user community is critical to succeeding with technology. The Salesforce ecosystem includes a community of more than two million certified developers, users, and partners who are always there to help.

14. Career-boosting certifications. Salesforce offers certifications that are highly desirable in today’s workplace, allowing you to offer your employees skills and certifications to help them grow their careers as well as attract top-notch talent.

15. Investment in innovation. Today, associations must continuously innovate to remain relevant to their members. Forbes magazine voted Salesforce among the most innovative companies in the world eight years in a row. Through Nimble AMS, this type of innovation brings unprecedented agility and empowerment to professional and trade associations.

16. Data security. Salesforce supports data security best practices, including two-factor authentication, login IP ranges, adjustable session timeout thresholds, custom domains, and the latest authentication and encryption protocol Transport Layer Security (TLS) for browser encryption.

17. Data recovery. To safeguard your data, your systems should protect your records from simple storage errors, catastrophic failures, and everything in between. Salesforce backs up client data on a rotating schedule, allowing them to restore service more efficiently should the need arise. You can always export your organization’s data when you need it, without restriction.

18. World-class reliability. With a long-term track record of 99.9+ % uptime, Salesforce has thousands of computers with redundant data centers all over the world and advanced protection for its facilities. With the Salesforce platform, you also get access to a “sandbox” (a copy of your production site), so you can test configurations and integrations using your real data without risking your members’ data.  

19. Transparency. To promote trust and confidence in its technology service, Salesforce provides insight and documentation into its system performance and security measures with the website The page provides live status details on its service availability, performance, security, privacy, and compliance. You will also find updates on any recent phishing, malware, or intrusion attempts, so you can easily learn the state of your data.

20. Integration. To provide a great staff and member experience, your association needs to connect multiple technologies, such as learning management, event management, career center solutions, and CRM systems. Salesforce has an app store, the Salesforce AppExchange, that has over 7,000 apps to enable your association to integrate quickly and without code.

Discover even more reasons to love Salesforce

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