Leverage the power of Salesforce Person Accounts to transform your association

When it comes to the Salesforce Person Accounts you might be curious. How can a data model have the power to transform an association? Easy: Person Accounts were built to support the way associations work, representing individual and organizational forms of memberships. With Person Accounts, your organization can streamline your membership structure, improve reporting, and support a connected member experience.

Keep reading to learn even more about the benefits of Salesforce Person Accounts, why Nimble AMS leverages the data model, and how it can transform your organization 

What are the Salesforce Person Accounts and how does it support associations?

Besides Person Accounts, Salesforce supports another data model called the Contacts/Accounts model. Contacts/Accounts aligns with how many businesses operate, offering data related to organizations, not individuals.  
However, Person Accounts proves to be a better fit for associations because the data model provides records related to organizations and/or individuals. Because associations have transactions at an individual level (ex. individual membership dues, event registration, continuing education course completion, etc.) and organizational level (ex. corporate membership dues, event sponsorships, exhibition booths, etc.) the Person Accounts model is ideal for tracking member engagement at both levels. 
Many associations have a complicated membership structure and need technology to ease reporting and support a connected member experience. That’s why associations turn to Salesforce and the power of Person Accounts.  
From the start, Nimble AMS was built on Salesforce and embraced Person Accounts. Nimble AMS uses Person Accounts because it’s designed to work for associations, supporting both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) models.

The top 4 benefits of Person Accounts 

There are many benefits of adopting Person Accounts for your association. Here are the top four:  

1. Software architecture. Person Accounts is a standard Salesforce feature built, tested, and maintained with associations and non-profits in mind, where members, donors, and constituents can be individuals and/or organizations. Person Accounts are the logical data model for associations.

2. Streamlined user interface. Leveraging Person Accounts will simplify your staff experience and empower your organization to become more data-driven. An employee can view both individual and organizational member information in a single, convenient location, on the account page. With other data models, staff must navigate between different account tabs to view all relevant member data.

3. Unified reporting. Person Accounts provides quick and easy reporting for your staff, ensuring data shows up just once in search results. The same can’t be said for other data models—the same member can appear in search results as an “account” and “contact” causing employee confusion.

With Person Accounts a member appears just once in your search results, streamlining reports and minimizing staff processes. Person Accounts helps your organization see the big picture based on your membership. For example, when you run a report on sponsorships, you see a list of all sponsorships including those purchased by individual members and organizations.  

4. Supported by Salesforce. Best of all, Person Accounts is created by Salesforce, so it’s supported by Salesforce. With three seasonal updates, Salesforce offers continuous innovation, with new features and functionality to support Person Accounts.  

Transform your association with Salesforce and Nimble AMS

Are you ready to discover how you can transform your association with Salesforce and Nimble AMS? Learn even more tips when you download our free toolkit: Salesforce for associations.

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