Nimble AMS Celebrates its 30th Release

Matt Rist

January 17, 2022

    Welcome to 2022- a new year full of fresh perspectives, bigger opportunities, and celebrations filled with laughter and fun.

    At Nimble AMS, the start of the new year signifies a big milestone for us – our 30th release. That’s a decade (10 years!!) of following Salesforce seasonal release model.  

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    We started Nimble AMS to challenge the status quo. We knew that associations deserved innovative and cost-effective technology that for-profit organizations were using. That’s why we built Nimble AMS on the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce and immediately followed their ideal release model. We’re continuing to do that. It’s not New Year, New Us for Nimble AMS. I guess, you could say, it’s New Year, Same Innovative Us. 

    As our product enters a new decade of development, one thing that will never change is our team’s passion for helping our customers, associations and nonprofits, better serve their members and constituents and move their mission forward. We remain committed to being the most closely aligned association management system (AMS) with Salesforce. We’re dedicated to providing continuous innovation with all customers on the same AMS version with seamless, automatic updates delivered 3 times a year – just like Salesforce.  

    Fun Nimble AMS facts:

    • The original Nimble AMS package was developed on Nov. 11, 2011. 
    • One of the first developers to ever write a line of code for Nimble AMS is still part of our R&D team! 
    • Our product, support, sales engineering, and customer success teams are led by original Nimble AMS team members. 
    • Early users of Nimble AMS played asteroids right on their Nimble AMS screen! (Think Atari.)  
    • Throughout the years, customers have hosted memorial ceremonies for their legacy AMS as part of their celebration of going live on Nimble AMS. (Don’t be sad, those legacy systems lived a good life.) 

    Man and rocketWhat’s next?

    We’re continuing to innovate over the next year and decade to ensure our trailblazing customers can utilize the most innovate technology to advance their mission.  

    • We’re going to continue to help associations embrace and adopt artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and data analytics so you can make better, quicker decisions in less time.  
    • We’re going to continue to make it even easier for you to take advantage of all the innovation Salesforce has released. Einstein, Experience Cloud, In-App Guidance, Tableau, and Next Best Action are just a few examples of Salesforce technology that we have or will be leveraging for our customers.  
    • In February, our 30th seasonal release, Spring ’22 release will launch. This release will include enhancements to e-commerce, accrual membership billing, more APIs, zoom integration and more! It’s all about helping you grow revenue and save staff time.  

    Join the celebration!

    We’re celebrating for the first quarter of 2022 and we want you to join in the celebration! 

    • Spring ’22 Release webinar for customers where we’ll share all the product enhancements coming in Spring ’22.  
    • Move beyond recent disruptions and start building the “next normal” at Community Brands’ marquee customer event, Xperience ’22, March 20-23, 2022.   
    • A social media blitz: Share or comment on any of our posts throughout the celebration telling us your favorite parts of Nimble AMS.
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    We’re excited to celebrate this huge milestone!

    Man sitting at laptop talking to people on the screen saying thank you

    Thank you! We appreciate the support of our customers that have helped us build Nimble AMS. We also appreciate the help, dedication and work of all our Nimble AMS staff and partners.  It’s been a great journey seeing Nimble AMS grow over the years with you. Cheers to the new year and the 30th release of Nimble AMS.  

    Matt Rist is the Senior Director of Product and has been part of the organization since the inception of Nimble AMS.  

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