Did you know? Each year, Salesforce recognizes a select group of partners for their innovative work. Over 4,000 independent software vendors (ISVs) partner with Salesforce today. To honor the work of ISVs, Salesforce awards those who excel in serving customers, innovate on the Salesforce platform, and give back to the community.  

Nimble AMS won the 2021 Salesforce ISV Partner of the Year Award within the non-profit category! We are honored and proud, as we see this prestigious award as a testament to our close work with Salesforce and our dedication to offering customers a superior experience.

Nimble AMS has been a trusted Salesforce partner for over a decade, striving to blaze technological trails within the association sphere. Learn more about Nimble AMS’ longstanding partnership with Salesforce and discover why not all association management software built on Salesforce is created equally.   

3 reasons why Nimble AMS is a trusted Salesforce partner

How does Nimble AMS align with Salesforce CRM? As you might already know, Nimble AMS is an enterprise AMS system built on the Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) platform. But what you might not know is that Nimble AMS aligns closely with the Salesforce platform in multiple ways. 
Here’s how:

1. Every customer is on the same version of Nimble AMS

When you leverage modern software, you know that all customers receive updates at the same time, meaning everyone is always on the same version. Association management software (AMS) should be no different.  
Nimble AMS ensures all customers are on the same version. To continuously deliver the latest technological capabilities, the Nimble AMS team focuses on innovation rather than supporting multiple software versions. Because our team only has one version of Nimble AMS to support, we can diagnose any issues and deliver fixes to you more quickly.

2. Nimble AMS is updated three times a year

To ensure both your staff and members have a superior experience, you’ll need software that offers continual innovation. Nimble AMS is in sync with Salesforce releases, providing product updates three times a year.  
The Nimble AMS software updates occur at no cost to our customers. With routine updates, Nimble AMS makes it easy to future-proof your organization, ensuring you have the latest features in association management software. Boost your technology ROI when your AMS is regularly updated, protecting you from software failure and compromising member data.  

3. Nimble AMS offers continuous innovation

As member expectations evolve, your technology must not only keep up but stay at least one step ahead. With three routine product updates and all customers on the same version, Nimble AMS ensures associations have the most innovative technology.  
Here are a few examples of how Nimble AMS offers the latest technology to help your association thrive:

  • Full Salesforce Sandbox. Each Nimble AMS customer has access to a full Salesforce Sandbox to test and train staff, at no additional cost. Your sandbox is updated before each release with a preview version and all local Apex tests are run for every customer.
  • Nimble AMS Predictions. Nimble AMS leverages Salesforce Einstein Artificial Intelligence to offer pre-built predictions. Nimble AMS Predictions makes it easy for you to leverage data and predict your members’ wants, needs, and expectations.
  • Nimble Communities. The Nimble AMS built-in online community empowers associations to boost member engagement and drive retention. With Nimble Communities, easily set up a virtual member community, create subgroups to boost networking, and post trending topics to start discussions.

Learn more about the Nimble AMS + Salesforce partnership

Our Nimble AMS team values our close partnership with Salesforce and looks forward to providing associations with an unmatched membership management solution. Learn more about the power of Nimble AMS and Salesforce. Get our free toolkit: Salesforce for Associations.

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