Nimble AMS wins Partner of the Year Award from

Beth Farrar, Director of Enterprise AMS Marketing

June 15, 2021

    I can’t help bragging a bit today: Each year, recognizes a select group of partners for their work over the past year as top partners. More than 4,000 independent software vendor (ISV) partners work with today, and this award recognizes those who have excelled in serving customers, innovating on the Salesforce platform, and giving back to the community.

    This year, Nimble AMS has won the 2021 ISV Partner of the Year Award within the Nonprofit category.

    We’re truly honored and proud. We see this prestigious award as a testament to our close work with Salesforce to give our customers a great experience.

    How does Nimble AMS align with Salesforce CRM?

    As you might already know, Nimble AMS is an enterprise AMS system built on the Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) platform. But what you might not know is that Nimble AMS aligns closely with the Salesforce platform in multiple ways.

    Every customer is always on the same version.

    This is important because to continuously deliver the latest technological capabilities, a software company must focus on innovation versus supporting multiple software versions. And, if a software company has only one version to support, it will be able to diagnose any issues and deliver fixes to you more quickly.

    The solution is upgraded three times per year – in sync with Salesforce releases – with no added cost to customers.

    This is fundamental because if your association is going to deliver a modern member experience, it should always be running the latest and greatest software.

    Upcoming webinar: Nimble AMS Group Demo

    Take a tour of an association management system built on Salesforce CRM.

    The product’s capabilities are continually expanded through innovative enhancements.

    As consumer’s expectations evolve, your technology must not only keep up, but stay at least one step ahead.

    To expand on that last point, I’ll give you a few recent examples of innovations from Nimble AMS:

    • Pre-built predictions powered by Salesforce Prediction Builder and Salesforce Einstein AI technology. This feature in Nimble AMS makes it easy for associations to predict and respond to what their members need, want, and expect. For example, you can use data about past behaviors to predict if a member is unlikely to renew, and then intervene before losing the membership.
    • The release of Nimble Communities, built on the Salesforce Community Cloud platform, allows associations to easily set up and host an online member community that provides the collaboration capabilities associations need to drive member engagement, improve member loyalty, and ultimately grow revenue.
    • Extension of the Salesforce Trailhead online learning platform to Nimble AMS users through myTrailhead training modules. These trainings will help Nimble AMS users skill up and advance their Nimble AMS knowledge and maximize their AMS investment.

    The combination of Nimble AMS and the Salesforce platform continues to enable our customers to deliver member experiences that match or exceed those of large for-profit organizations.

    We look forward to our continued close partnership with Salesforce to provide associations with an unmatched membership management solution.

    See how Nimble AMS and Salesforce work together to provide a modern member experience.

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