A nimble approach to training and customer success

As you narrow your list of potential AMS vendors, be sure to consider their approach to training.

Here’s how Nimble AMS training helps ensure your staff knows how to use your new association management software to the fullest.

Your association management software (AMS) is the technology that helps your organization manage its membership and operations, so you can imagine how important it is for your staff to confidently utilize the system to its fullest.

From the Nimble AMS team’s perspective, training in your new AMS is about more than just your staff taking a class or two after your system goes live. It’s an integral part of the entire AMS implementation.

To succeed with your new system, your team should understand it and feel comfortable using it in your day-to-day world. It’s important to us that you have the tools you need to be successful. That’s why the Nimble AMS team offers a full range of training resources for every member of your staff.

Nimble AMS Training Opportunities

Training throughout the implementation process – This training helps ensure the staff who will be using your new system first (your early adopters) understand how the system – including any extensions and integrations – works, and are prepared to manage your Nimble AMS system when it launches.

Nimble AMS training workshops – Training workshops position your staff for success at go-live and after the implementation. These workshops are tailored to your specific instance of Nimble AMS.

Training sessions are created to build organization-wide knowledge of the system, as well as to “train the trainer,” by developing key users and administrators into super users who can build proficiency in multiple areas and help the rest of the organization.

The workshops are offered multiple times each year in different locations or online, and they cover everything from reports and dashboards to accounting. With a team dedicated to product training, new courses are always being considered and developed. Your Customer Success Manager will be able to help guide you to the best trainings for your team.

Self-training – For times when your staff wants to learn on their own, Nimble AMS offers several options:

  • A Customer Success Guide, which includes documentation on additional custom work that has been added to your Nimble AMS system
  • Nimble AMS Help site, which offers searchable product documentation. With every customer on the same version, there is no concern over documentation not being applicable to your organization and your instance of Nimble AMS.
  • The NimbleLand online community, which connects Nimble AMS customers to each other and the Nimble AMS team so they can post questions, get answers, and share ideas
  • Salesforce Trailhead – One of the many reasons Nimble AMS is built on the Salesforce platform is that Salesforce makes product training fun and easy with Salesforce Trailhead. Trailhead is an online learning environment that offers developers and administrators a guided learning path through the key features of the Salesforce platform using a series of interactive, online tutorials. And the best part? It’s free!

As you narrow your list of potential AMS vendors, be sure to think about their approach to training. A thorough approach to training as part of the overall implementation and client success plan makes all the difference in making sure your new AMS exceeds your association’s goals.

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