6 association management software features your entire organization will love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and with the holiday comes a celebration of love!

You deserve association management software (AMS) that shows its love every day! You work hard to engage with your members and achieve your association’s mission. Your AMS should support you all the time, even when times get tough.  

Read our blog to discover six features you should love about your AMS. 

Associations love these top AMS features 

Do you love your current association management software (AMS)? If you’re unsure on how to answer, it may be time to reconsider your current technology.  

Your AMS should empower your entire organization, simplifying staff processes and enhancing the member experience. Look for an AMS that offers these six key features:  

1. Member experience

Offering an excellent member experience is a top priority for all associations. Both your staff and your members should love your AMS user experience. If you’re currently experiencing feelings that don’t quite amount to love, it might be time to think again about your software choice.

Here are three examples of how an AMS should prioritize the member experience: 

  • Personalization options. Your AMS should make it easy for members to customize their membership journey. Look for software that ensures members can personalize their experience by easily updating crucial information and customizing user options.
  • Modern e-commerce. To simplify payments and offer an excellent member experience, you will need an AMS that offers PCI-compliant stored payments options including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other express payments.
  • Networking opportunities. Does your AMS offer a built-in online member community? With an online community platform, members can further personalize their experiences by joining groups, discussing industry news, and earning digital badges.

2. Automation

Your AMS should make it easy to simplify staff processes, freeing employees to do more tasks that they love. Look for an AMS that offers user-friendly point-and-click automation tools. By automating key organizational processes, you can decrease low value work and increase staff efficiency.

3. Artificial Intelligence and predicative analytics

Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence, but is your association using AI in a meaningful way? Your AMS should include AI and predictive analytics tools, making it easy for you to explore and leverage the latest technology to move your organization forward.

Community Brands research found that only 12% of professional or trade organizations have AI or machine learning technology, and only 17% plan on adopting the technology in the future. However, leveraging AI is an important factor in launching any digital transformation. With an AMS that includes AI and predictive analytics tools, your organization can increase efficiency and enhance the member experience with intelligent recommendations.

4. Continuous innovation and upgrades

You shouldn’t have to settle for a partner that never changes for the better. Likewise, your AMS should constantly update to give your staff and members the most advanced technology experience. With routine product upgrades, your organization can save money and boost your technological ROI.

Look for an AMS that offers seamless product updates to protect your organization from security risks, ensure you’re on the latest software version, and offer innovative technology enhancements.

5. Security

In addition to feeling loved, you should feel safe and secure on your AMS. Look for an AMS that adheres to data security best practices and provides the following:

  • Multi-factor authentication, login IP ranges, custom domains, the latest authentication and encryption protocols, and more 
  • Data recovery services, offering routine back ups  
  • Transparency about service availability, performance, compliance, and more 
  • An in-house data security and compliance team to meet data privacy regulations and expectations

6. Integrations

Your AMS should show a little love for the rest of your software ecosystem. Look for an AMS that seamlessly integrates with your entire tech stack, making it easy to offer even more tangible member benefits by simplifying data sharing across platforms. 

Consider an AMS that integrates with your learning management software (LMS), career center, events management software and more. You’ll also want access to apps to configure your platform to meet your association-specific needs.

TECH TIP: Looking to extend the value of your AMS platform? Choose Nimble AMS to meet your association-specific needs and integrate with your entire tech deck. With the Salesforce AppExchange and Community Brands software like Crowd Wisdom, YM Careers, and Expo Logic you can increase member value and decrease staff workload.

Fall in love with Nimble AMS 

This Valentine’s Day, take time to re-evaluate your current AMS and decide if it’s the right technology for your organization’s future. Come next Valentine’s Day, you might be spending time with an AMS that truly understands your association and empowers both your staff and members. 

Discover what makes Nimble AMS the right association management software for innovative organizations.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more: Why choose Nimble AMS for your organization?

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