Why associations should choose the Nimble AMS + Salesforce partnership

Nimble AMS is proud of our longstanding partnership with Salesforce and the myriad benefits we provide for member-based organizations. Built on Salesforce, Nimble AMS combines the power of the #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform with top association management software (AMS) capabilities. 

Not all AMS platforms built on Salesforce are created equally. Discover how the Nimble AMS + Salesforce partnership can benefit your association.  

How long has Nimble AMS been a Salesforce partner? 

Nimble AMS has partnered with Salesforce for over a decade. Salesforce shares the Nimble AMS values of innovation, customer service, and giving back.  

In 1992, Nimble AMS began helping associations with the best available technology, bringing member-based organizations to the internet for the first time. By 2008, association technology was stagnant, and Nimble AMS began to design a blueprint for innovative technology with association-specific solutions.

Since 2012, Nimble AMS has worked with the Salesforce platform to create association-specific tools to elevate member engagement, drive strategic goals, and streamline staff processes. Nimble AMS won the 2021 Salesforce ISV Partner of the Year Award, further solidifying our trusted partnership with Salesforce. We are proud to receive this prestigious award, highlighting our close work with Salesforce and commitment to offering the best technology for associations.  

“Leading industry apps, like Nimble AMS, build on top of the Salesforce platform to meet your association-specific needs,” said Nicole Adair, Salesforce Solutions Engineer. “With applications like Nimble AMS, you can offer a modern, connected member experience and bring your organization’s data and teams together.”

7 reasons why the Nimble AMS + Salesforce partnership can benefit your association

The Nimble AMS + Salesforce partnership is now a decade-plus strong. Learn how the Nimble AMS + Salesforce partnership can benefit your association. 

1. Get continuous innovation with Nimble AMS

To offer the most innovative association management software for member-based organizations, Nimble AMS offers three annual product updates. Nimble AMS is in sync with Salesforce software updates, offering the latest association-specific tools at no additional cost to your organization. With routine and scheduled updates, Nimble AMS ensures that every customer is on the same product version.

2. Nimble AMS is a trusted Salesforce AppExchange partner

There are plenty of AMS platforms on the Salesforce AppExchange, but Nimble AMS is the best member management software, built on Salesforce. With an average 5-star rating, Nimble AMS undergoes Salesforce security reviews for each product release and our team partners with Salesforce for any needed updates.  

3. Nimble AMS leverages the Salesforce platform

Unlike other AMS systems, Nimble AMS utilizes the Salesforce platform to design its product roadmap. Our team works to leverage the Salesforce platform as much as possible in each product release. Because Nimble AMS strives to fully leverage the Salesforce platform, we can offer bigger and better product releases for your association.

4. Nimble AMS team members partner with Salesforce

Another huge benefit for you association? Nimble AMS works directly with Salesforce. Matt Rist, Community Brands Vice President of Product for Associations, serves on the Salesforce Product Council. Rist routinely shares feedback and guidance on Salesforce products, programs, and industry solutions  

5. Nimble AMS uses Salesforce pilots

To ensure our software is truly trailblazing, Nimble AMS volunteers for Salesforce pilots. Signing up for the latest Salesforce features before they launch helps Nimble AMS offer the most innovative solutions for the associations we serve

6. Nimble AMS works with Salesforce technical teams

The Nimble AMS team partners with Salesforce to share best practices and improve product development. In the past, the Salesforce Partner team contacted Nimble AMS to present on a tech webinar, sharing our association-specific experience. Nimble AMS was one of two partners that presented at the tech talk. Associations that choose Nimble AMS can rest assured they will have a dedicated technology partner with the latest Salesforce insights.

7. Nimble AMS follows non-profit and association best practices

As an association or non-profit, you should choose an AMS that offers the best solution for your member-based organization. Nimble AMS proudly leverages Person Accounts because it best supports how non-profits and associations work. Designed to empower associations, Person Accounts are the new standard, fully supported by Salesforce. 

Learn more about the Nimble AMS + Salesforce partnership

Are you ready to learn more ways your member-based organization can thrive with Nimble AMS + Salesforce? Discover why the most trailblazing associations trust Nimble AMS.


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